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Jenny thought she was pregnant and called our helpline looking for information on the abortion pill. Our staff scheduled her for an appointment to confirm her pregnancy and receive an ultrasound. When Jenny arrived for her appointment, she told her pregnancy consultant she was nervous. She was already a mom and wasn’t ready for another pregnancy—worried about finances and her ability to care for another child. Together they worked through some of her concerns, engaging in a spiritual discussion about God’s sovereignty and His ability to care for all of her needs. She stated she knew God had a plan and didn’t think “she could live with herself” if she had an abortion. After receiving an ultrasound and support at Caring Network, Jenny miraculously chose life, despite her obstacles. She told her pregnancy consultant that she had been so nervous to come to Caring Network, but she knew that she just needed someone to talk to. She was so thankful for the support she received and the reassurance that she wasn’t alone. 

“The LORD is my shepherd; I have all that I need.” Psalm 23:1

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