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Care in crisis

Supporting life through women’s centers

Where she goes first determines what will happen next. A woman facing unexpected pregnancy is often overwhelmed and under-resourced. She may feel alone. When she seeks help, the counsel she encounters can prepare her for abortion. Or it can equip her to choose life.

Caring Network centers are for life. We reach women with free medical information, confidential counsel and a calm, judgment-free environment at their time of crisis. When love leads, then fear recedes. And life can grow.


of those who choose abortion in the U.S. qualify as “poor” or “low income.” 54% identify as Christian.*


As Many as

6 in 10

women would choose life if they could visit a Caring Network center before an abortion provider.

7 centers

in Chicago’s western suburbs offer medical information and compassionate support at no cost. Soon, new clinics will multiply that impact exponentially.

A tested rescue plan

Caring Network has been equipping people to choose life – both physical and spiritual – since 1981. Here’s how our women’s centers make that possible.

Be where she’s looking.

Internet and relationship marketing mean when a woman is seeking help, our centers are already there.

Answer when she calls.

A phone and Internet call center receives thousands of requests each year from women interested in abortion.

Equip with medical information.

At our center, we equip women seeking abortion with vital services like an ultrasound and medical-grade pregnancy tests.

Empower with loving support.

Consultants review all options in a judgment-free environment. When appropriate we will discuss abstinence and when the Lord opens the door, we will share the gospel.

They need your help.

Tens of thousands of abortions take place every year in Illinois.
When you support Caring Network, you help more of these women choose life.

Stay Informed.

Stay up to date on Caring Network’s work for life in Illinois.

Every time you get an email, pray with us. There is no transformation without God’s help.

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