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a woman discussing abortion recovery counseling with a professional

Life after abortion

Restoring hearts through abortion recovery

Abortion hurts. For many, it brings unexpected consequences: Ongoing shame. Anxiety or depression. Difficulty bonding with children and other loved ones. Isolation. Alienation.

It’s a loss that lasts.

But in Christ, loss is never where our stories end. Restore is Caring Network’s post-abortion program, offering hope and healing to all those whose lives have been touched by abortion.

Work for restoration.

God’s grace brings freedom – for those who receive it and for those who share it, too.
You can help Caring Network extend love to hearts hurt by abortion.

Pray for restoration.

Leave your email in the box at right to stay up-to-date on Caring Network’s post-abortion work.

Every time you get an email, pray with us.

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