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Dotti came to our center knowing she was expecting a baby but was looking for more information before telling her family and friends. Young, single and still in school, she was considering abortion but was hoping Caring Network could help her understand her options and make the right choice. During her ultrasound, Dotti discovered she was already in her third trimester. After discussing her options with her pregnancy consultant, Dotti decided that forming an adoption plan would be the best decision for her and for her baby. Dotti and her consultant discussed how the adoption process worked and the importance of starting prenatal care. After receiving referrals for local adoption agencies and assistance with medical care, Dotti left the center with a plan in place. All of this information eased her sense of being overwhelmed. She and her consultant have continued to stay in touch and Dotti now says she is “confident” about the future and knows forming an adoption plan was the right choice! 

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