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Meeting the need in every neighborhood

The growth vision of Caring Network

Illinois is the abortion capital of the Midwest. Before Dobbs v Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe v Wade in 2022, there were already more abortions performed here in Illinois than in our five bordering states – combined.

Since Dobbs, those numbers have skyrocketed.

Caring Network’s vision is to multiply the help available at our women’s centers with a huge new effort. In partnership with life-minded communities across Illinois, we’re planting new clinics in neighborhoods throughout the state. Together, we can help more women in a crisis to choose life – both for themselves and for their children.

An abortion destination

*Abortion access as reported by Guttmacher Institute.

Illinois saw a


abortion increase

after the Dobbs decision.*

*source: Society of Family Planning

Chicago has


abortion facilities

for every pregnancy resource center.

A greater vision for a greater need.

Caring Network’s goal is to reach women first by multiplying life-saving services throughout Illinois. In the neighborhoods where abortion prevails, we must be present too.

But we can’t do this work alone.

Our newest model is a clinic model: Effective, actionable and reproducible. We provide business blueprints, operational plans and launch-stage help to life-minded leaders in neighborhoods across Illinois, helping them to start and run their own Caring Network clinics in partnership with us. Together, we’ll multiply our work for life. Together, we will meet the need.

What is a clinic?

Clinics do the kind of work modeled by our women’s centers – but in a way that can be reproduced effectively across the state.
Neighbor by neighbor, we’re building a more powerful network of people who speak for life.

Each clinic is:

  • Strategically located. We plant in areas where abortion rates are high and pregnancy centers are scarce.
  • Represented by a local advisory board -to help with fundraising AND ensure the clinic reflects the feel of the local community.
  • Self-funded. Each clinic is responsible for raising the funds to operate the clinic. (To find a clinic to support, click here.)

Clinics are always:

  • Medically focused, with in-clinic services overseen by a board-certified OB/GYN.
  • Free of cost to every person who comes through the door seeking help.
  • Effectively supported with training, oversight and startup funding from Caring Network Illinois.

What would 25 new clinics mean?

4,000+ babies

born each year, based on a 40% success rate for choosing life

10,000+ women

cared for each year

14% market share

lost by abortion providers in every area where a clinic opens

Support a new clinic.

Clinics are run and funded independently.
To join the local effort, search for a clinic near you.

Pray for God’s help to meet the need.

Caring Network’s vision is to see abortion become undesirable and unthinkable in Illinois.

Change comes one heart at a time. Change comes through prayer.

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