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Life after birth

Providing help for moms through local connections

Nobody hopes for an abortion. But for someone in a crisis, it can seem like the best option. Without help, without support, without a vision for the future – it can even seem like it’s the only option.

Your love changes that equation.

Caring Network’s mission is to equip women to choose life – both physical and spiritual. That means connecting future moms to local baby supply programs (like our baby banks), small groups and spiritual guides who can cheer them and their new children on to more abundant life.


of those who choose abortion in the U.S. qualify as “poor” or “low income.” 54% identify as Christian.



of those who abort have given birth before. Often, they’re already supporting children.

More than


of those who abort are in their 20s.
Only 12% are teens.


Diapers, food and friendship

Choosing life means a commitment to meet physical needs – but a young family also needs social and spiritual support to help them thrive. We refer moms to churches and to other organizations that do this work, and we help our volunteers support new families through their ministry.

Here’s how to get involved.

Diapers, clothes and toys

We partner with several churches that maintain baby banks, making supplies like diapers, formula, clothes, baby toys and even cribs available to moms who need a hand. Our women’s centers can refer pregnant women here, relieving genuine financial stress and making it a little easier to choose life.

Diaper drives

To help stock baby banks, church, family and friend groups organize diaper drives or join in our September “Diaper Derby.” Diapers and wipes for moms are just the start: These short-term efforts bring in clothes and toys, pull groups together and start conversations about life that lead to lasting change.

Small group support

New moms need more than diapers: They need a support network. Connections links small groups with pregnant women for relationship. They build friendships, throw baby showers and more.

One-on-one discipleship

Many moms want to explore spiritual matters or grow in their faith during and after pregnancy. For those who express an interest, Journey makes connections for discipleship and mentoring.

They need your help.

Tens of thousands of abortions take place every year in Illinois.
When you support Caring Network, you help more of these women choose life.

We need your prayers.

Stay up to date on Caring Network’s work for life in Illinois.

Every time you get an email, pray with us.

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