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Searching for hope

Meeting women where they are with online care

You can’t help them if you never meet them. The vast majority of women who explore abortion take their first steps on the Internet. And as abortion medication grows more popular, it’s increasingly possible to choose abortion without ever leaving home. The entire process – consultation, pill prescription, purchase – happens online.

If abortion is online, hope must be there too.

An explosion in online abortion

Sadly, the end of Roe v. Wade in 2022 did not mean the end of abortion. It accelerated a change in how abortions happen.


of Illinois abortions in 2020 were performed with medication*

*source: Charlotte Lozier Institute


Increase in searches for abortion pills online between April and May 2022**



Increase in traffic to telehealth abortion websites on the day of the Dobbs v Jackson verdict**


Care is a click away.

Caring Network’s telecare clinic is a central hub of highly trained, skilled experts who provide virtual consultation and support. Whether a pregnant woman’s first contact is a phone call or an online chat, we’re available with love and truth wherever there’s a need.

Abortion pill reversal

If a pregnant woman has begun – but not completed – the course of pills for a medication abortion, it may be possible to reverse the process. But time is of the essence.

Caring Network experts consult with women on this option and connect them to the life-saving abortion reversal pill if it’s not too late to save the baby.

Virtual appointments

Anxiety, fear and shame are just a few things women may feel as they contemplate an abortion. Perhaps that’s why some choose to seek expert counsel online, from the comfort of their home.

Caring Network provides the same kind of honest, non-judgmental help in telecare appointments that we do in face-to-face ones.

Real medical care

It takes a licensed medical provider to prescribe the abortion reversal pill that stops an abortion that has started and brings life to the baby. And it takes true medical professionalism to earn the trust of women seeking expert care.

Caring Network’s on-staff medical provider develops scripts for online care and oversees our policies and procedures.

Referral to local centers and clinics

Online care is a convenient first step – but to truly equip women to choose life, it’s best to give them medical information through pregnancy tests and ultrasounds.

When possible, Caring Network’s online experts make appointments at our centers and clinics to help women seeking help receive the best care possible.

Virtual care takes real support.

Online care complements the work of local centers, helping Caring Network bring more women to those locations for help. It also lets us reach people who may not have access to a pregnancy center at all.

But making experts available online has real costs, too. We need your help.

Virtual care needs fervent prayer.

Leave your email in the box at right to stay up-to-date on Caring Network’s virtual care work.

Every time you get an email, pray with us.

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