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Bianca was a single mom facing multiple obstacles. She had recently separated from her long-term boyfriend and was struggling financially.  She told her pregnancy consultant that she was a Christian and active in her church, making her situation feel even more difficult. She knew that having an abortion would be with her the rest of her life, but she felt so overwhelmed. When Bianca returned for an ultrasound the following week, she told her consultant she had been praying about her decision and was leaning towards keeping the baby, though she knew it would be difficult. Caring Network was able to provide Bianca with resources and referrals, including information on getting started with prenatal care.  Her consultant continued to pray for Bianca in the following days. One day Bianca texted her consultant letting her know that she was firm in her decision to choose life.  She said she was afraid of rejecting a gift from God, knowing that He holds her and her precious little one in the palm of His handsPraise God for this beautiful epiphany of His care and provision! 

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