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Abigail is a single mom and was faced with another pregnancy. She wanted to have an abortion when she called Caring Network. She had a pregnancy consultation by phone where she revealed that she felt overwhelmed by personal and financial stressors, including her family’s desire for her to abort. Although she admitted that she didn’t believe in abortion, she was torn as she felt alone and didn’t think she could parent this baby. Her pregnancy consultant helped her to process through her relationship issues, emotional concerns, and other obstacles. Although Abigail did not have a faith background, she was open to hearing the faith journey of her consultant and receive prayer. After her session, she was still feeling torn. Caring Network staff members began to regularly lift her up in prayer. Her pregnancy consultant also consistently reached out to check in and offer support. Then Abigail shared the news that she had made a decision – “I am keeping the baby.” She had even started prenatal care! Praise God for His intervention in Abigail & her baby’s life! 

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