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Leah was considering abortion due to financial concerns and lack of medical coverage. She had a previous traumatic pregnancy and was worried about health risks. The father of the baby didn’t want her to abort and offered his support, but due to issues in a previous relationship she didn’t trust him. With all of these concerns on her heart, Leah was able to process these obstacles with her Caring Network pregnancy consultant and welcomed being lifted up in prayer by our staff. The next day, Leah received a free ultrasound at our clinic. Our nurse gave Leah a Bible and highlighted passages of encouragement. Leah cried, grateful for this beautiful gift. She talked with her pregnancy consultant after the appointment, saying that her conversation with our nurse was “instrumental to the outcome of her situation” and that it was an “awe-inspiring” experience seeing the ultrasound. Less than 24 hours later, Leah reached out letting us know that against all odds, even during COVID-19, she was approved for medical coverage and decided to keep the baby! She knew it was a miracle and thanked Caring Network for all we had done, saying, it was the “first time in a long time that (she) felt like (she) was heard.” Praise God! 

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