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Luna’s life circumstances at the time she came to Caring Network made her susceptible to choosing abortion. She was experiencing a lot of loss early in her pregnancy and felt distant from her faith. Along with addressing her pregnancy concerns, Caring Network was able to attend to her spiritual needs, to wrestle with her through difficult questions about suffering, and to pray with her. When Luna returned for her ultrasound appointment, she was given the gift of a Bible. She later sent her consultant a photo of the Bible along with a note of thanks for bringing her back to her faith. She shared how God had been at work in her life, and that she had even decided to name her baby after a passage of Scripture the Lord showed her! We have watched the Lord grow Luna in her faith as she continues the journey towards welcoming her new baby. We praise God for giving us opportunities to have conversations that impact eternity. Thank you for partnering with us in this ministry!


Beth became involved with Caring Network’s Restore program later in life after hearing about volunteer opportunities from her pastor. She had experienced two abortions while in her 30’s and although she felt forgiven by God, she wanted to walk through the program for herself before helping others to heal from their abortion trauma. Beth experienced many moments of clarity through the program. She was able to identify areas of spiritual blindness and bitterness within her relationships, and even decided to rededicate her life to Christ! Thank you for your partnership and prayers – they make an eternal difference!


When Lara first came to Caring Network, she was deeply distressed by the decision between parenting or aborting her baby (she would not consider adoption). Several issues were weighing heavily and preventing her from embracing parenthood: her age, a lack of support from her family and the baby’s father, and her ability to finish her education. She said that she loved kids and teared up while talking about the joy she anticipated would come with motherhood. Her decision became clear when she saw her baby moving on the ultrasound screen; she declined the abortion education materials that were offered to her and chose life for her baby instead! Thank you for helping Lara experience her child through ultrasound – and for equipping her to choose life!


Stacy found the Restore program through an Abortion Recovery presentation advertised on Eventbrite. Although her abortion was decades earlier, she still bore the emotional scars from her experience. She came to Restore for support, but expressed concern that it might be too late for her to receive healing. The Restore Coordinator connected her to the Forgiven and Set Free Bible study and, with encouragement from her leader, she completed the program. She found something in each chapter to help her process her emotions and later told her leader, “I am thankful for the Restore program…The program uncovered feelings I thought I had dealt with many, many years ago. The road to true recovery and healing from the abortion experience will be a long one, but this was an important first step.” We’re so thankful for your support that makes stories like Stacy’s possible!


Nina came to Caring Network for an ultrasound, undecided about what to do. She shared with her pregnancy consultant that her relationship with the father was unhealthy, and that she did not want to have a child tying them together. She also shared that she was planning to abort, but had not yet found a clinic with which she felt comfortable. When she returned to Caring Network for her ultrasound, she was still 100% decided on abortion. Nina’s consultant continued to reach out, offering hope and encouragement. Being strengthened with the support from Caring Network and her family, she ended her relationship with the father and chose life for her baby! Nina later texted Caring Network, saying, “I appreciate you and your support through this whole journey and I honestly don’t know what I would be doing if I’d never come across you guys.” Thank you for rescuing Nina and her baby!


When Ella came to Caring Network, she was planning to end her pregnancy. She was young, the father wasn’t in the picture, and she had decided it was not the right time to become a mother. However, with support and resources from her family and Caring Network, she ended up choosing life and delivering a healthy baby girl! Recently, Ella reached back out to Caring Network to see if she could donate items to other moms in need. She expressed that she was so grateful for the support that Caring Network had shown her and “just wanted to pay it forward to other women.” She dropped off care packages to bless three other women expecting little girls. She hugged her pregnancy consultant and expressed how thankful she was for Caring Network and for her own little girl. The new mothers were very grateful and felt so supported by Ella’s gifts! We pass along her hugs and appreciation to you who made it possible for Ella to choose life. You are a blessing!


Lindsey came to Caring Network not knowing how she felt about being pregnant. Although she was quiet throughout her visit, she did share that she was concerned about getting a positive pregnancy test result. Anxious about how her partner would react, she had decided not to tell him yet. Her fears were realized when she learned that the test was positive. When she returned for her ultrasound, she still felt undecided about whether or not to continue with the pregnancy. She had financial concerns and did not want to rely on others for help. Caring Network walked her through her options and encouraged her to lean on her community. She left the appointment leaning towards choosing life! After learning her partner did not want to be involved, Lindsey began working a second job to better her situation and grew more confident in her choice for life! Before giving birth, she shared how excited she was to teach her child how strong women can be when faced with challenges, reflecting on her journey since her first visit with Caring Network. Lindsey gave birth to a healthy baby – Praise God! Thank you for partnering with Caring Network to empower her to choose life!


Karla came to Caring Network with her mind set on having an abortion due to an unstable marriage. Her pregnancy consultant and nurse were able to listen to her concerns and discuss options for choosing life for her baby. Karla left without a choice for life. She later reached back out to Caring Network after having taken the first abortion pill. She was panicked and looking for help to stop the process. Caring Network connected her to a doctor that provided the reversal immediately and just in time to save the baby – Praise God! Although, Karla struggled with her decision at first, she grew stronger and stronger in her resolution to choose life. Caring Network has provided additional support and resources for her and her baby. We are so grateful for your support that reached Karla at the right time to save her baby’s life!  


When Elyse came to Caring Network, she told her pregnancy consultant that when she first found out she was pregnant, she was excited and shared the news with friends and family. But when a drastic and unforeseen heated argument led to the end of her relationship, she decided she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. She felt as though she would not be capable of raising this child on her own due to fear of medical and financial issues. Elyse was offered a free ultrasound. After seeing her baby’s heartbeat, and following a spiritual discussion, she decided that she could not go through with the abortion. Her heart was changed! Caring Network provided her with additional support to see the pregnancy through. Thank you for partnering with Caring Network to help save the lives of Elyse and her baby!


Nancy came to Restore (Caring Network’s After Abortion Care Ministry) later in life after having multiple abortions during her younger years. Although she hadn’t thought much about it at the time, she later came to realize that terminating the pregnancies had left her with a heavy emotional burden that she was still carrying, decades later. Restore paired Nancy with a mentor who led her through a one-on-one Bible study, and she grew to finally be able to share the feelings that had weighed her down for so many years. She found freedom and joy as she worked through the Scriptures, expressing that God was doing new things in her life. During her final Restore session, she shared that she had finally forgiven herself and accepted forgiveness from God. Thanks to your partnership, Restore led Nancy in a healing journey toward freedom from shame and comfort in the Lord!

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