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How Our Organization Impacts Women’s Pregnancy Decisions

Once the scattered energies of the pro-life movement converged, pregnancy centers took root. Caring Network Illinois and their affiliates have saved more than half a million innocent lives over the past nine years. By compassionately receiving women considering abortion to offer guidance and support, our efforts have proven fruitful!

How much success can we claim in the DuPage County? Prior to 2013, the average number of abortions in DuPage County hovered at 2,000 annually. The recorded abortions in 2015 displayed a distinctly downward trend. With continued support from our community and sponsors, we pray that the rate will continue to drop each year.

Caring Network Illinois saves lives, and not only those of the pre-born. We also impact the lives of mothers and fathers who suffer with grief after a past abortion. Caring Network strives to impact crisis pregnancy decisions and support familes in the DuPage County.


After our counselors meet with clients and our nurse introduces them through ultrasound to the vital human being growing in their wombs, three out of four women will make the decision to carry their babies to term. Our sophisticated ultrasound machines serve up simple results. Once a woman sees her baby’s heart beating in the early stages of pregnancy, she is much less likely to choose to abort. Caring Network is a first step for women facing unplanned pregnancy. We often provide pregnancy tests when our clients have yet to receive confirmation of a pregnancy.


Often, women choose to terminate the life of their child solely because they see no viable way to provide for them. By networking with local churches and other community resources, we arrange for pregnant women and new mothers to receive the diapers, clothes, formula, and equipment they’ll need if they choose to parent.


Caring Network Illinois truly understands the uncertainty involved with an unplanned pregnancy. With gentle compassion, our peer counselors offer emotional support and spiritual counsel to moms in need of guidance at a very critical time. With our Restore After Abortion ministry, we also counsel mothers and fathers devastated by a past abortion, helping to lead them to accept the Lord’s forgiveness and learn to forgive themselves.


As funding allows, we eagerly look forward to increasing our service locations. We’ve already expanded our reach to three primary locations and one express location. We continue to assist mothers in need throughout DuPage and surrounding counties by bringing our critical services to the women more vulnerable to choosing abortion.

Through your prayers, donations, and labors of love, we believe this trend of saving lives will accelerate. Please contact us to see how you can serve or donate to Caring Network Illinois  today.

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