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Caring Network Lifesavers

When considering their support of Caring Network Illinois, many of our partners in ministry pray regarding how their gift can have the biggest impact.

 One way you can ensure the ministry will compassionately serve every woman who walks through our doors is to become a monthly donor to Caring Network Illinois.  At Caring Network, Lifesavers are a loyal group of partners who support the ministry with regular monthly gifts.  These gifts help us anticipate our monthly income, making our ministry sustainable month after month, year after year.


It’s Convenient : Chances are, you budget to pay your bills each month—electric, gas, water, cable. You may also tithe, prayerfully supporting God’s work through the church.  By adding your gift to Caring Network to your monthly budget, sponsoring our ministry will become part of your routine.  Caring Network makes monthly giving simple.  You can write a check to the ministry each month, or we can directly deduct your regular gift from your bank or credit card account. Changes can be made anytime, and are effective immediately. You can get started with your sponsorship here.

Your Monthly Gift Has a Bigger Impact : Remember, your gifts to Caring Network may be simple, but they are never ordinary. Your gifts save lives. Your regular and predictable support allows Caring Network to fund our operations and anticipate future cash flow, leading to well-planned, strategic growth and greater ministry impact.  Monthly auto-gifts also save on administrative costs.  Learn more about Caring Network’s mission and vision.

Regular Updates : Caring Network Lifesavers receive regular updates about how God is using your gifts to grow His Kingdom. We share current prayer requests and stories from the counseling room, as well as important news.  New Lifesavers also receive a special thank-you gift: this month it’s a beautiful prayer journal provided by Christian Art Gifts.



As Christians, we are pained to witness the destructive lies that our enemy spreads. So many women who come to Caring Network have been taken in.  But as Jesus prayed, “Sanctify them in the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17), so we faithfully share His truth in love.  Melissa came to Caring Network for a pregnancy test, and inquired about the abortion pill.  Her boyfriend wanted her to have an abortion, though Melissa had been brought up as a Christian and did not want to make that choice. Although she knew her parents would support her pregnancy, she felt pressured and confused.  The same day Melissa had an ultrasound, and witnessed her baby’s heartbeat and tiny movements.  Immediately she had a change of heart!  Any thought of abortion was banished from her mind as she embraced the truth.  Now, as her counselor continues to provide support, Melissa’s spiritual life is being encouraged.  Although the enemy planned to use this experience for evil, God is using it for good!

By partnering together we can have a greater impact for God’s Kingdom, saving lives and transforming hearts. Is God calling you to become a Caring Network Lifesaver?

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