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Why Offering Free Pregnancy Services is Important

In a world where many decisions are made based on a return on investment, it can be easy to wonder why anyone would offer something for free. If we run across a free or discounted service from time to time, we often wonder “what’s the scam?” There must be alternative motives, or some sort of catch. Surely a reputable service could not be offered at no cost.

However, who’s to say that the lack of a fee involved determines the quality or impact of the service?  Here at Caring Network, all of our services are free and are vital to the work of saving lives.

 Caring Network is a Chicagoland non-profit that has been providing services to women facing an unplanned pregnancy since 1981.  With many local centers, all offering free services such as pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and compassionate support, women are able to receive the care they need at absolutely no cost.  Thanks to individuals and churches in the community, Caring Network continues to be a beacon of hope that is accessible to all.  Find out more about our organization today. 

Why Free Pregnancy Services Matter

We don’t profit from anyone’s pregnancy decision.

In any industry, providing a service at a price means the business profits from promoting that particular service.  In the pregnancy resource industry, we follow a different model.  We actually hope to work ourselves out of a job!  We would welcome  the day when  no one faces the struggle of making an unplanned pregnancy decision.  And until then, our mission is to ease the pain, not benefit from  someone else’s trial or tough situation.  Facing an unplanned pregnancy is difficult, often bringing inner turmoil and relationship issues with family or partners.  Offering free services allows us to serve women in need without placing additional financial burden on them.  We are here to “lighten their load” by offering compassionate support…at no cost.

Our services are available to all, regardless of socioeconomic status.

It’s important that services are accessible to all those who need them, not just to those who can afford them. At Caring Network this means providing free services, including pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and consultations especially in the early stages of a pregnancy, so women are able to receive the information and support that is needed.  Our clients often struggle  financially or are lacking medical coverage.  Making a pregnancy decision amidst these other factors complicates an already  stressful situation.  Our offices are intentionally designed to feel warm, welcoming, and comfortable.  Women leave our centers feeling heard, respected, and cared for regardless of their background or socioeconomic status.

No cost services mean a streamlined process with no billing issues.

Many in the healthcare industry complain about long wait times or billing issues with providers or insurance companies.  All of this is avoided when offering services at no cost.  This allows us to see clients in a timely manner and provide the information they need right away.  Often, clients can be seen the very same day they contact us!  Free pregnancy care services remove the time consuming paperwork process or  the middle man hassle and allows women to be served right when they need it.

Caring Network is able to provide services at no cost all because of the generosity of people like you!  For almost 40 years, individuals in the community have come alongside our mission and vision, partnering with us to reach women facing unexpected pregnancy.  If you’d like to learn more about how to join in our work, contact us today! 

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