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The Importance of Supporting Women Beyond Pregnancy

Systems of injustice cannot topple unless there is follow through. While we decry abortion as unjust, we must uphold what we do know to be true: the sanctity of human life from the womb and beyond. 

Caring Network is a pro-life nonprofit organization in Illinois with six pregnancy resource centers. We work so that women in our area no longer feel the need for abortion. But this is more than a protest, it is a way of life. Get in touch with us to find out how we both save and impact lives.

Economic Factors of Abortion

When women feel there is no other recourse than to have an abortion, we must be aware that there is often more at work beneath the surface. According to a report by Guttmacher, in 2014 about 75% of abortion patients were poor (having an income below the poverty line at $15,730) or low-income. When we see these numbers, and, at the same time see the cost of abortion, something does not add up.

While this argument is used to say that the poor are the ones oppressed when they cannot access abortion, the inverse is true. The poor are oppressed when they feel like abortion is their only option due to their circumstances.

The Pro-Life Response

To us, these numbers communicate a need far beyond just pregnancy resources. In the grand scheme, Caring Network offers more than just pregnancy tests because we recognize it takes so much more to show a woman we support her beyond her pregnancy. This support is often what will make a difference now and into the future. Offering resources to help her thrive in all areas of life is necessary as choosing life for her unborn child will affect those other areas.

We can only begin to empower women to choose life when we make sure their needs are met.

We are always looking for ways to support women facing an unplanned pregnancy so that she, her child, and her family can be empowered to flourish. If you would like to learn how you can get involved through prayervolunteering, or other areas of supporting our ministrycontact us today!



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