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Naomi was set on abortion because in the country of her origin, abortion is commonplace.  She is married with other children, but had serious physical challenges with her previous pregnancies.  None of her family wanted Naomi to continue the pregnancy.  In fact, she had an abortion scheduled.  Yet during an ultrasound, she was shocked to see how developed her child was.  “It’s alive; it’s a baby!” she said.  Encouraged by her pregnancy consultant, Naomi decided to consult with a doctor before following through with an abortion.  Soon after, she cancelled her abortion and returned to Caring Network for help in securing a car seat.  What a change!  A short time later, Naomi’s beautiful little boy was born.  Filled with joy, she expressed her gratitude saying, “Thank you!  I am so happy I overcame my fears and made a right decision.”  We at Caring Network are thankful too, for this little life rescued.  For this I will praise you, O Lord, among the nations, and sing praises to your name.  2 Samuel 22:50 

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