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When Jamie came to Caring Network for help, she had just ended an abusive relationship.  She was also pregnant, and had an abortion scheduled.  Jamie did not consider that carrying this baby was an option; until she met with a Caring Network counselor, and was introduced to her child in an ultrasound.  That day Jamie learned that her unborn child was 17 weeks along, with beautifully formed features.  She was moved; yet with a heavy heart, Jamie expressed her resignation to follow through with an abortion.  Prayer partners inside of Caring Network and out lifted this mom and her child up in prayer.  The day of her appointment came, and Jamie missed it.  She scheduled a second appointment, as prayer continued and her pregnancy consultant offered further support and encouragement.  Then when the moment of truth finally arrived— Jamie turned back.  She just couldn’t go through with it.  When asked what changed her mind, Jamie said, “The ultrasound changed everything for me.”  Praise God for this precious life saved that would certainly be lost!  And thank you for caring. 

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