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Small Group Serving Opportunities in DuPage County

Small groups offer the ability for like-minded people to come together to share interests in a close community. Whether your small group is a church-based Bible study, a community-based meet-up, or an organized club, you may be looking for opportunities to serve your community as small groups often do. In this article, we will discuss ideas for small group serving opportunities in DuPage County.

Small Group Serving Opportunities in DuPage County


Prayer partners are critical to the success of Caring Network Pregnancy Centers. As you can imagine, spiritual warfare can become intense in this work that promotes life and freedom. Your small group can partner with us by battling in the spirit through prayer for our clients, their babies, the board, our staff, and volunteers.

You can email to learn more.


The Connections Mentoring Program could be a great fit for your small group if you are seeking hands-on serving opportunities.

Women need a strong support system when they choose life for their babies. When your small group serves in our Connections Mentoring Program, you will offer that network of support so she and her baby can thrive by being spiritually encouraged.

After the baby is born, your small group would organize a baby shower to bless her with some of her practical material needs. Hopefully, the loving connections formed in your small group will lead to a long-term relationship with your larger church family.

For more information, email .


For various reasons, women choose abortion, and despite claims stating otherwise, abortion has a profound negative impact on women and men. At some point, many of them seek healing.

Caring Network offers our Restore After Abortion Program to usher them to a place of wholeness after their abortions as they struggle with feelings of post-abortion stress (PAS), including:

  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Regret
  • Nightmares
  • Sadness and grief
  • Anger
  • Other emotional & mental health issues

Healing from abortion requires community, but not just any community, a safe community. Volunteers in Restore come alongside men and women who have experienced an abortion without judgment, giving them a place to process and heal by understanding God’s grace and love for them.

For more information about your small group helping others heal through Restore, contact Holly.


Our Baby Bottle Drive is a simple and effective small group serving opportunity. It gives your group a chance to get involved in a fun way while raising needed funds and awareness for Caring Network’s ministry.

You have options in the way you would like to participate:

  • Each group member can take the baby bottles (that we supply) home and fill them with spare change. Children in Sunday school classes can also take them home to fill and bring back. Visit our baby-bottle webpage and donate online.
  • If you are more comfortable with a “no-contact” option, your group can skip the physical baby bottles to collect change and instead mail a check to our administrative office at 1200 Roosevelt Rd, Ste. 114, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137 (please write “Baby Bottle” on the memo line).

If your small group wants to distribute the physical baby bottles, determine the best time frame to run the Baby Bottle Drive. A one- to two-month time period is best. Below are some timing suggestions to help people remember the value of human life and remember to defend and protect the most vulnerable among us.

  • January to March : Distribute the bottles around Sanctity of Human Life Sunday (in January each year) and ask that they be returned in March.
  • Mother’s Day to Father’s Day : Distribute the bottles on Mother’s Day and have them returned on Father’s Day.
  • October Respect Life Month : Distribute the bottles on Respect Life Sunday (the first Sunday each October) and have them returned around Thanksgiving.

To participate or learn more, contact our Special Events Team .


Women facing unexpected pregnancies often weigh their options about what to do. They may want to continue their pregnancies and raise their babies. But they feel that the expense makes it an impossible choice. Abortion rises to the forefront because they don’t see a way to manage financially.

However, when women know they have a supportive community that will assist with their practical needs, it allows them to follow their hearts and reject abortion.

Providing baby items for parents who need support after making the brave decision to carry and parent their babies is something small group members enjoy doing. There is something unique about choosing items, knowing how much they will bless a baby’s life. If this sounds like a serving opportunity that your small group would appreciate, listed below are some ways to participate.

Caring Network Cube

Your small group can facilitate setting up a Caring Network Cube. This is a collection box (that we supply) kept at your church for material assistance. Items such as diapers, baby clothes, and baby supplies can be donated. Group members say they have fun stumbling upon sales and picking up items to contribute when they arrive for church or small group meetings!

Baby Showers

Who doesn’t enjoy getting together with friends for a baby shower, particularly after the isolation of a lengthy pandemic? Now that Spring is arriving, your small group can consider baby shower alternatives such as an outdoor or “drive-by” if you prefer options for COVID-safety.

For more information, contact Tracy .

Your Small Group Is Needed

At Caring Network , we’re grateful for the generous support of people like you who care about the value of human life. We could not compassionately care for women and save lives without you.

If your small group would like to hear more about Caring Network’s mission or about serving opportunities, contact us today. We look forward to partnering with you!

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