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Pro-Life Organizations – What’s Next After the Overturning of Roe?

The Supreme Court recently released a decision in the Dobbs vs. Jackson Women’s Health Organization case, overturning almost 50 years of Roe vs. Wade, which wrongly claimed abortion as a fundamental right. Pro-life organizations are celebrating this victory. But what does this ruling mean for each state? How are Christian pro-life organizations needed now more than ever? 

Caring Network Illinois has been serving women facing unplanned pregnancies for over 40 years. We have seen many changes in culture and legislation over the past 4 decades, but our mission remains the same – to eliminate the suffering from and desire for abortion. We will continue to serve women with compassion, equipping them with the resources needed to choose life for their babies. Reach out to learn more about our work today.

Overturning of Roe vs. Wade – What’s Next

We must understand what the overturning of Roe vs. Wade means for Illinois and Caring Network. Overturning Roe vs. Wade does not mean abortion is over; it simply lets each state decide the legality. Since Illinois laws are already among the most permissive, it means our state will become an abortion haven. Women seeking an abortion from states with laws protecting the life of the unborn will now travel here to end the life of their unborn child. On top of this, Planned Parenthood of Illinois announced they will begin mailing the chemical abortion pills to women living out of state, increasing the number of at-home abortions.

How Do We Respond?

Caring Network and other pregnancy resource centers must be ready to serve an even greater influx of women coming from out of state for an abortion, including those looking for the abortion pills online.

At Caring Network, we’ve been planning for this. 

  • We have been, and will continue to hire additional staff to serve more abortion-minded women and equip them to choose life. If you know of a nurse, an RDMS, or a pregnancy consultant who might be a good candidate, please direct them to our website. We especially need to hire bilingual staff, fluent in Spanish.
  • We are launching a Telecare Clinic – a call center to provide Telehealth appointments virtually with a nurse and referrals for the abortion pill reversal for women who have second thoughts after taking the first abortion pill.
  • We are and will continue to open new centers in strategic locations to reach more abortion-minded women. Women just like Mallory…

Mallory’s Story

Mallory and her boyfriend cried when they saw their positive home pregnancy results. They talked it over and felt too young, too unstable, and too new in their relationship for them to become parents – so they searched online for how to get an abortion and found a Caring Network ad. 

They reached out and spoke to one of our helpline representatives. Mallory and her boyfriend agreed that having a consultation and a free ultrasound before taking the abortion pills was their best next step. After hearing about all the options and the support that is available – and getting to see their baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, this couple had a lot to talk about.

Following their appointment, Mallory reached out to her consultant saying, “After seeing the ultrasound and discussing things further, we both felt like [parenting] was the right choice for us. We thought we had our minds set on what we initially wanted to do but everything changed once we got to see that ultrasound and the heartbeat.”

Praise God for bringing Mallory to Caring Network online and for the power of ultrasound revealing the precious life that she is carrying. Thank you for helping to save another life!   

How You Can Help Save Lives

Despite the opposition we face in Illinois, we believe God placed us (and other pregnancy resource centers) here for a time such as this.  There are many ways to join in the work that Caring Network is doing in Illinois. Through the end of the year, you can partner with us financially in a $100,000 Matching Gift opportunity. Also, we can’t do this work without the help of the church and individuals in the community supporting us through giving, volunteering, and prayer. Connect with us today to see how you can make a difference!

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