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How to Get Children Involved in Charitable Work This Summer

Summer is on the horizon. Now is a great time to begin thinking about activities to get your kids or grandchildren involved in during their summer break. There are always the usual options – swimming at the local pool, visiting a theme park, going on a road trip to a new state or city, and the list goes on. But what if you wanted to get them involved in charitable activities as well? What are some ways that kids can participate in charitable activities this summer?  

Caring Network is a pro-life charitable organization in the western suburbs of Chicago. We support women and men going through unplanned pregnancies, providing them with resources and services to help equip them to choose life for their babies. Our six pregnancy resource centers rely on the funding, volunteer hours, and prayer support of our individual, community, and church partners. If you and your family would like to learn more about how to get involved in our mission, reach out to us today!

Getting Kids Involved in Charitable Work This Summer

1. Teach What You Already Know About Charity

Knowing where to start can always be the most daunting task of starting an endeavor. But when it comes to getting kids involved in charitable activities, the first thing to ask is “what experience with charity do I already have?” The thought of breaking down the why’s and how’s of being charitable can be intimidating. However, there’s a good chance if you’re reading this blog that you know more than you think! Think about what makes YOU interested in giving back to or helping others? What motivations drive you to help those in need? Now, translate those thoughts into terms that your children or grandchildren understand. Before they begin to do activities, it’s helpful for them to know WHY they are participating in the first place.

2. Consider Kid-Friendly Options at Local Organizations

Are there local charitable organizations that you are already involved in or are familiar with? Start there. If you currently volunteer your time or donate your resources somewhere, reach out. Although there may not be a kid-focused volunteer opportunity listed on their materials or on their website, many non-profit organizations would love to find ways to involve your child or grandchild. Perhaps you could go on a tour of the facility together. If it’s a food pantry, clothing closet, pregnancy center, or other material resource, you could put together a collection of donations and drop them off together. Pregnancy resource centers and the material goods programs that support them are often in need of baby items like diapers, wipes, formula, and new infant clothing. If you are visiting a new city during summer travels, you can reach out to a local charitable organization there to learn more about how that community is served and what they may need.

3.  Make Charity a Part of an Ongoing Discussion

In the article “14 Expert-Approved Ways to Teach Children About Charity,” #7 is “Demonstrate the behaviors you want them to learn.” It says, “’One way to encourage young people to give their time and money is to show them how it’s done,’ says Aaron Hanson, Director of Development at Shriners for Children Medical Center.” Just by you coming alongside charitable organizations, you are setting an example for them to follow.

To take it a step further, include them in the process.

  • Share about the reason why you volunteer or give to that particular organization.
  • Ask them if there’s a charity they would like you to contribute time or resources to.
  • Talk about the people that the organization serves and the needs that are met.
  • Read books or watch kid-friendly shows or documentaries about charity and why helping others is important.

We hope these three tips are helpful in getting your child or grandchild involved in charity this summer. If you’d like to learn more about ways to participate in Caring Network as a family, we’d love to chat. There are many ways that parents, grandparents, and children can be a part of our life-saving work! Find out more by contacting us today.

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