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National Women’s Day: Supporting Women Through Unintended Pregnancies

Compassionately caring for women is the heart of Caring Network.

We work to honor and glorify Jesus Christ, the author and creator of life, by bringing His love and compassion to abortion-minded women and equipping them to choose life — both physically and spiritually.

But we can’t do the Lord’s work of serving abortion-minded women alone. We count on the generous support of people like you who have a heart for women facing unintended pregnancies.

In light of International Women’s Day, we thought it would be a good time to recount how your faithfulness helps support women through difficult, life-changing decisions.

Your Support Allows Us to Empower Women in Crisis to Choose Life

Caring Network Illinois is the first step for women facing unintended pregnancies. Your support allows us to empower women in crisis to choose life in seven critical ways.

1.     We can provide no-cost services for women in crisis.

All Caring Network services are free and confidential, including pregnancy tests, consultations, ultrasounds, material goods, community resource referrals, and parenting assistance.

Lack of financial resources never needs to get in the way of women receiving the help they deserve because of your partnership of giving.

2.     Women are welcomed without judgment.

There is truth in the quote, “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Caring Network is committed to welcoming women with unconditional love, counsel, and resources that offer the light of the truth that changes hearts and saves lives.

Women will never be judged for their choices or circumstances providing them safety to explore their pregnancy options fully, including the ones they may not have previously considered.

3.     We provide skilled professional healthcare providers and counselors.

Because of your support, we can provide women with expert staff to come alongside them. Our team of pregnancy consultants is skilled in intervention, addressing the complex issues that compel a mother to seek abortion as her answer to an unintended pregnancy.

4.     Women receive the truth about each of their pregnancy options.

Women often come to Caring Network determined to choose abortion. They are scared and feel that abortion is their only option.

But our expert consultants compassionately answer a woman’s questions and provide accurate information so she can make an informed decision about her pregnancy. We walk them through each aspect of parenting, adoption, and abortion.

Abortion is so common that women are unaware of the risks they may face. But the education and practical resources we offer give them the opportunity to make decisions that aren’t based on current fears that can later lead to regrets.

We offer women community resources that they don’t know existed and may make the difference between them choosing life and choosing abortion.

5.     Women have access to high-quality pregnancy services.

We bring the very best tools into the crisis of unintended pregnancies, including:

  • Lab-grade pregnancy tests: Confirming at-home results is the first step in assisting women with unintended pregnancies. Each year, Caring Network provides approximately 1,000 free highly sensitive pregnancy tests, which are over 99.5% accurate just ten days after conception.

       As a result, women learn about their pregnancies early and don’t feel           as pressured to make a quick decision. Instead, they have time to                 process the shock and discuss pregnancy options with their consultant         in a calm, supportive environment.

      Another important part of Caring Network’s mission is preventing                  unplanned pregnancies. And when pregnancy test results are negative,        we have the opportunity to share the valuable message of abstinence          with women and couples.

  • The latest ultrasound technology: Ultrasound is a powerful tool for women seeking abortions. It provides critical and truthful information. Ultrasound tells women if their pregnancies are viable and how far along they are.

       Caring Network’s medical staff provide mothers with as much                         information as possible on the development of their babies so that               they can make truly informed choices.

       However, with ultrasound, women can actually see their babies in the           womb, which is far more enlightening than describing what they can’t           picture accurately in their minds. A child’s heartbeat can be detected           as early as 5& 1/2 – 6 weeks after conception.  Many women who                   arrived at Caring Network committed to abortion have been moved by         the sight of their unborn child’s heartbeat and activity in the womb —           and chose life.

6.     Women receive material supplies and parenting assistance.

Practical assistance empowers women to continue their pregnancies because they feel compelled to consider abortion due to a lack of support.

Caring Network coordinates material supplies assistance through our local baby banks.

We also provide a network of relational support and parenting assistance through our Connections Program. “Connections” encourages local churches to form relationships with women who need support during their pregnancies.

Connections groups provide a baby shower and consistent prayer support for the moms they serve. They come alongside moms during their pregnancies at a time of need.

7.     Wounded hearts are healed through post-abortion stress recovery.

Ending a pregnancy through abortion can be devastating for both women and men — even years or decades after the abortion experience. And their reaction often surprises them. For that reason, Caring Network lovingly offers a compassionate and non-judgmental environment to process and heal through Restore, an individual or group program that helps both women and men deal with grief and forgive themselves and others for a past abortion.

“For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him.” John 3:17

Thank You for Partnering with Us!

Approximately 1,500 abortions take place in DuPage County each year. Yet, if Caring Network can reach women before they go to Planned Parenthood or another local abortion provider, as many as 3 out of 4 would give life to their children.

Independent research reveals that most women who visit Planned Parenthood choose abortion. And that is why we are so thankful for your support! Because of your prayers and financial gifts, Caring Network can provide no-cost, quality pregnancy services for women experiencing unintended pregnancies. It saves babies’ lives and preserves the quality of life for countless mothers.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about other ways to get involved!

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