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How Can College Students Get Involved in Pro-Life Activities?

There is no shortage of activities offering college students an opportunity to get involved. The typical university or college campus has a whole host of groups, organizations, and causes to participate in or join. If you’re a pro-life student, you may be wondering what options are available to you. How can you get involved in making an impact for life as a college student?

Caring Network relies on the partnership of pro-life individuals and churches in our community. We invite those of all ages to participate in helping us fulfill our mission to reach more women and save more lives. With six Chicagoland pregnancy centers serving women facing unexpected pregnancies, there are multiple ways to get involved. Learn more about how you can make an impact today. 

Opportunities for Pro-Life College Student Involvement

What are some ways that college students can get involved in making an impact for life? Here are three ways to participate in pro-life activities:

On-Campus Pro-Life Groups

One way to get involved as a student is to check out the local campus pro-life group. Many colleges have a group that is dedicated to pro-life causes. These groups may volunteer at a local pregnancy resource center, host a pro-life speaker or seminar on campus, or attend rallies or marches together.

One organization that is intentionally providing outreach and support for college students is Students for Life. They serve almost 1,250 pro-life college groups across the country. If your campus doesn’t have an existing group, Students for Life will help provide the information and support to get one started at your university.

Attend or Host a Pro-Life Event

If being a part of a group seems like too much of a commitment, you could start by attending a pro-life event. Keep an eye out for opportunities. And, if it seems like there are none, perhaps you can host an event yourself!

If you live in the Chicagoland area, there is a student-centered event on Saturday, April 23, 2022, called Speak Life Chicago. Their mission is to “raise awareness about abortion and equip Chicagoland college students to engage your head and heart in the pro-life movement.” Check out their Instagram account for more info.

Support a Local Pro-Life Organization

As a college student, your schedule may seem hectic between juggling classes, work, social life, or other activities. It can be difficult to figure out how to get involved in a local pro-life organization, especially if you don’t have a consistent schedule.

However, many non-profit organizations and pregnancy resource centers have flexible options for volunteering or participation. Perhaps there is an event you could attend, or even help out with as a volunteer. Pregnancy centers may need assistance with projects, staffing, or volunteer needs. Offering your time and resources, however sporadic or meager is still making an impact for life. There are many ways you can pitch in to make a difference!

Caring Network is a Chicagoland organization that operates six pregnancy resource centers. We come alongside women and men facing unexpected pregnancies to provide the resources and services needed to empower them to choose life. We couldn’t do this important work without the volunteeringprayer support, and partnership of those in our community. If you’re a student and want to learn more about how to get involved, reach out to us right away! 

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