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Making a Lasting Impact – The Role of Pregnancy & Post-Abortion Services

The work of non-profit organizations, pregnancy resource centers, and post-abortion support programs are not measured in the income they generate, the successful use of resources, or staffing efficiency. Instead, their value comes through the impact they make on those they serve.

How are lives changed as a result of the services they provide? Although the results are less tangible, they are vital in showing the effectiveness of the organization.

Caring Network has been serving women and men facing unplanned pregnancies since 1981. Our six pregnancy centers provide vital services and compassionate support during a time of need. Also, our post-abortion program, Restore, provides a path forward towards healing after abortion. Through these programs, lives are forever changed & saved.

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Stories of Lives Changed and Saved

Each month we have the opportunity to hear about how Caring Network’s programs have impacted the lives of those we served. It’s amazing how God uses our free services and compassionate staff members to not only make an impact in the here and now – but for eternity! Read Michelle and Angela’s stories below.

Michelle – A Glimmer of Hope Goes a Long Way

Michelle came to Caring Network feeling overwhelmed. She was already a young mom and couldn’t face another pregnancy. Michelle didn’t have a support system or resources to help. So, she was looking into having an abortion.

During her appointment at Caring Network, her pregnancy consultant asked Michelle if she would feel differently if she had the resources she needed for parenting. Her consultant talked through the available Caring Network programs that could help – including the Connections program that would pair her with a group of women at a local church to come alongside her during her pregnancy. She signed up right away!

Michelle began to feel hope for the future. She received a free ultrasound where she saw her baby move around on the screen. Afterward, she told her pregnancy consultant she couldn’t see herself moving forward with an abortion anymore. Praise God for helping Michelle see a path forward for her and her baby!

Angela – How God Brought Beauty Through Her Pain

Angela recently completed a Restore post-abortion study. She is a Christian and was able to experience God’s healing through the process of the Restore group. Angela said she feels stronger emotionally and has become closer to God. She said she knows the healing process will continue and that God is with her.

During her last session with Restore, she described her transformation like an artist and mural:  “When a painter throws all sorts of colors onto a mural, at first, it’s hard to see what picture is being created. Then, at the very end, the masterpiece is revealed!”  God used the Restore program to help Angela see the beauty He is bringing out through her pain. Praise Him for His redemptive work!

Praise God for the way He uses Caring Network to change lives! Through providing emotional support, spiritual counsel, and practical support, we are furthering our mission to reach & serve more. There are many opportunities to join us in this life-saving work.

Learn more today about how to further our vision!

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