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Where Do We Find Peace in a Raging World?

Wherever we look, the world seems to be crumbling. Countries at war, immense poverty, COVID-19 death and fallout—sometimes we might be tempted to turn off the news and never look back! When we take our own stressful lives and hear about all of the pain and suffering happening around us, it can so often feel like far too much to bear. Where do we go in times of uncertainty? Where do we find peace in a raging world? 

At Caring Network, we know how important it is to find steady, lasting peace in uncertain times. Knowing where our peace comes from helps us function as a pro-life network of non-profit pregnancy centers. We’ve been serving women and men throughout DuPage County in Illinois since 1981. We hope you’ll celebrate life with us! Contact us to find out how you can get involved!

Our Perspective on Peace

Nobody enjoys living their days in worry or anxiety. There is nothing pleasant about feeling on edge, trapped, or afraid at every turn! Sometimes it can be easy to fall into this pattern of thinking and living, especially when the world seems so tumultuous! So, how do we step into living a life of peace?

Peace as a Gift

As Christians, our first step to anything is to look to the Lord for guidance and help. We dig into His Word and spend time with Him through worship and prayer. We know that Jesus wants us to find rest in Him rather than striving to have control or find peace within ourselves. Throughout the Gospels we see story after story of Jesus stepping into painful, high-stakes, scary situations, and bringing calm in the middle of every storm. He offers us His presence—a lasting peace for a lifetime.

His gift to us is only part of the equation.

Peace as a Discipline

Let’s say you’ve tried cooking eggs so many different ways. You’ve put them in the microwave. You’ve dripped the yolk into the toaster. You’ve blended them. You keep coming up with new ways to make eggs, but not one of them provides the delicious, scrambled results you’re after. Frustrated, you visit your close friend and talk about much trouble you’ve gone through trying to make eggs! “Take my frying pan! This is how you should cook eggs!” They say. You accept, gladly, and go home.

But you never touch the frying pan. You let it sit and gather dust. And you wonder why, when you own a frying pan, can’t you make eggs the right way?

It is one thing to receive a gift, but it’s another thing entirely to use the gift.

Jesus offers peace freely, but we must be intentional about a discipline of peace. It can be helpful to ask some challenging questions such as:

  • When we are faced with bad news and scary circumstances, how do we respond? In faith and trust? Or in fear and control?
  • When others bring up stressful situations and their fears, do we encourage them with gentle truth and love? 
  • Are we walking vessels of God’s peace or are we contributing to the fear everybody seems to feel is closing in on them?

Being a Vessel of Peace to a Hurting World

As a pro-life non-profit organization, we interact daily with fearful, hurting women and men. They come to our centers at a time where it feels like their life has been turned upside down. They are feeling anything but peace. As people who know where true peace comes from, we have a duty to bring peace to every situation through our words and actions. Sometimes, having a calm, steady person to talk to can make a huge difference in difficult, life-changing conversations and circumstances. By exemplifying Christ and bringing his message of peace, we connect them to the true source of all comfort.

“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” John 16:33

Would you like to partner with us in bringing peace to women and men going through life-changing circumstances? There are a variety of ways you can serve with us such as volunteeringpraying, or serving in other capacities. Consider joining our team to help save moms and their unborn children. We’d love to work together to be vessels of peace in this tumultuous world. Reach out today to get involved!

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