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Lives Changed and Saved, Spring 2021

Pregnancy resource centers do important work. They offer free services and compassionate support, while lovingly sharing the truth about life. Those who support the work of pregnancy centers may not often hear about the true impact their financial contributions, prayer, and volunteer roles have on individual lives.

Every church, family, and individual who partners with the mission helps impact women and men while saving the lives of the unborn.

Caring Network has six pregnancy resource centers located in Chicagoland. For 40 years we have provided services for women facing unplanned pregnancies. By offering spiritual counsel, practical help, and emotional support, we empower women to choose life for their babies. We are so grateful to be a part of their stories! You too can make an impact by reaching out to learn more about how to join in our mission.

Tangible Impact – Lives Changed and Saved

Here are just a couple of examples of lives changed and saved through the work of Caring Network.


Morgan was looking into the abortion pill. She scheduled a video consultation with Caring Network to learn more. During her appointment, she shared that the father of the baby would be supportive of continuing the pregnancy, but they are no longer together. She felt torn because she always wanted kids, but now was not a good time to become a mom. She shared about her spiritual background and said she believed in the power of prayer. Morgan’s pregnancy consultant provided counseling, prayer and encouraged her to ask God for direction. A few days later, Morgan was texting with her pregnancy consultant when she shared that she was still feeling emotionally conflicted. Her consultant encouraged her to reflect on what she felt in her heart. The consultant stepped away from her desk to pray. When she returned there was a text from Morgan that said, “that really means a lot. I think I will keep the baby and get some help. I know I can make it work and do what’s best for me and my baby.” Praise God! He brought Morgan to us and softened her heart to choose life for her little one!


Sara was really undecided about what to do – considering both abortion and parenting. She grew up in a strict Muslim home and she did not want her family involved in her decision. She had an abortion in the past and said she thinks about it daily. However, she still feels too young to be a mom. She had an ultrasound and agreed to take the pictures and parenting resources home with her. She said she was still feeling uncertain but was leaning more towards keeping the baby. Although she is not religious herself, she is open to prayer and gave permission for her pregnancy consultant to pray with her – that the Lord would provide her with the peace and support she needed. A few weeks later, Sara reached out to say she decided to choose life! She was excited to share the news that she is having a baby boy and the father of the baby has decided to be involved. Praise God for intervening in Sara’s life & for working through Caring Network to make an impact.

Every woman who enters the door of Caring Network receives vital services and support in a time of need. All of this is possible through those who come alongside us in the ministry through financial support, prayer, and volunteering. To learn more about how you, your family, or your church can get involved, reach out today!

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