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Illinois Pro-Life Legislative Update

This year has brought many changes. It feels like there is not a single area of society that hasn’t been affected. Our legislation in the State of Illinois is no different. There have been new bills introduced to the Illinois General Assembly that have the potential to greatly impact pro-life work. Learn more about these bills and their potential to affect the work of Caring Network.

Caring Network is a group of pro-life pregnancy centers in the Chicagoland area. By offering free limited medical services and compassionate support, we come alongside women facing an unplanned pregnancy. In a state known as an “abortion oasis,” Caring Network’s mission to serve and save is important. Find out more about how you can partner with us in our mission to reach more women and save more lives.

Legislation News – Illinois 2020 Update


If passed, House Bill 5506 would put into place the Reproductive FACT (Freedom, Accountability, Comprehensive Care, and Transparency) Act. The Reproductive FACT would require pregnancy resource centers to display a notice regarding contraception, prenatal care, and abortion. Any pregnancy center that does not have medical personnel who directly provides or supervises services must provide notice.  According to Illinois Right to Life , the bill would also require centers to inform clients that Illinois offers low or no-cost abortions.


If passed, House Bill 5656 would allow insurance companies to pay for abortion services, removing the condition that requires them to also provide for any pregnancy-related care.  This would allow insurance companies to cover abortion exclusively, eliminating prenatal or delivery benefits.


This bill would repeal the Parental Notification of Abortion Act. If passed, no longer would a parent or guardian of a minor have to be informed of an abortion. Those under 18 would be able to attain an abortion without any process of notification.

Next Steps – How to Make a Difference

One of the best steps you can take regarding statewide legislation is to stay up-to-date with what is happening. It’s easy to feel removed from the laws that are being passed each year, especially if they aren’t well-known or openly discussed. Most state policies don’t even make it onto the news. You can sign up for alerts through Illinois Right to Life Action , or set up a Google search alert for “abortion legislation Illinois.”

Next, contact your local representative to share your thoughts or opinions regarding bills that are up for discussion. You can find your representative’s info here.

Most importantly, you can pray. Pray for our leaders, lawmakers, and lobbyists. Pray for those who are doing work in the trenches each day at pregnancy resource centers in your area. Pray for sidewalk counselors at abortion facilities. Pray for hearts and lives to be changed. Pray for hope and strength for women and their partners who are facing unplanned pregnancies.  Pray for the lives of the unborn.

Caring Network is impacting lives every day. We can’t do this work without people like you. Join our mission to expand our access to more and more women who are facing the crisis of an unplanned pregnancy. Help us save lives by partnering in our efforts through prayervolunteering, and giving.

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