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3 Ways to Advocate for Life

Sharing the truth with love is often key to reaching peoples’ heads and hearts. For many of us who identify as pro-life, we want others to see that abortion is a matter of life and death. We want to touch those who have been wounded by abortion, and to awaken others to the need to protect the lives of precious preborn children, as well as their mothers.

There are many excellent ways you can advocate for life while exercising God’s patience, gentleness, and peace. God knows what our talents are, and He has a plan for how He intends for each of us to serve. By following where the Lord leads, you can see where He intends for you to fulfill His purpose by utilizing the gifts He has given you.

Caring Network has served women and their families with compassion for nearly 40 years. We welcome those who come to us for help with open arms. Each of our centers offers nonjudgmental care and free services to those who need it most. We care deeply about connecting women to the resources they need so they feel secure about choosing life. We’re grateful for the support from our individual and church partners who help us accomplish this goal. Reach out to Caring Network today to see how you can impact the lives of women and their children!

How Can I Advocate for Life?  

It can be challenging to trust in the way God plans to use you to serve as an advocate for Him. Often times, it’s easier to be swayed by self-doubt if you feel uncertain about your ability as an individual to make a difference, or perhaps you feel discouraged because you do not know where to begin in your advocacy. But as God tells us in Proverbs 3:27: “Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act.”

A pebble dropped in the ocean may disappear and be forgotten with a splash. But the ripples create a circle on and on, flowing out to the center of the sea. A small act of kindness or a caring word can stretch out further into the ocean, the waves of comfort you gave rolling on for miles and miles. There are many ways you can advocate for life and make a difference. If you’re struggling to find your calling, then here are a few suggestions to set you on the right path:


Joining together with positive, like-minded people is one way to strengthen your cause. You can talk to your church leaders about working together to promote the sanctity of life. What local pregnancy centers does your church support? How can you implement a plan to motivate the congregation to mobilize for life? Can the church serve as a way to raise awareness for available pregnancy resources or post-abortion counseling? A woman facing an unplanned pregnancy may not know where she can go for help. But by offering her options in a caring way, your church can lead women in the right direction.


There are many ways you can personally advocate for life. Collecting and donating baby supplies, volunteering for a local pregnancy center, or just offering to help someone you know who’s facing an unplanned pregnancy, are some of the ways you can give back.


How can you respond if you encounter someone who’s pregnant and may be considering abortion? First, it can be important to listen and really hear her. If she’s feeling overwhelmed by the pregnancy, it’s likely the person you’re talking to is feeling scared and emotional. You can be an advocate for her by showing her you care about her concerns and want to help. What are her fears about carrying a pregnancy to term? Why might she feel as if abortion is her only choice? By bestowing love upon someone who may be feeling helpless, you can be there for her so she knows she’s not alone. Alternatively, what should you do if you meet someone who regrets a past abortion? How would Jesus help this woman see she is worthy of love and forgiveness? By demonstrating Christ-like behavior, you can draw people toward Him with grace.

 Caring Network invites you to partner with us in our life-saving work. The partnership of individuals and churches in our community is valuable to our mission of empowering women and their families through holistic care. Since 1981, women have been able to rely on us in their time of crisis. Reach out today to see what you can do to rescue mothers and their children from abortion!

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