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Illinois Invests to Help Abortion Seekers Amid Increasing Abortion Rates and Bans 

Indiana’s Ban 

On August 1st, 2023, Indiana’s state government put in to affect a near-total abortion ban. This near-total abortion ban limits abortion to hospitals and bans abortion unless there are health risks, rape or incest (up to 10 weeks), and any fetal medical issues up to (20 weeks). 

Because of Indiana’s decision to enact this ban, the Illinois government has decided to invest more resources and money to help abortion seekers coming from out of state. 

New Investments and Programs 

The Illinois Department of Public Health has decided to put $10 million towards making a hot-line where women can get help finding abortion providers and scheduling their appointments. The start-up cost- $600,000; for the first year alone-has been approved and added to the budget according to Pritzker’s team.  This hot-line is named the Complex Abortion Regional Line for Access, shortened to CARLA. CARLA will have nurses available to help abortion seekers with scheduling hospital appointments and testing. This hot line will be partnered with the Chicago Abortion Fund (along with IDPH, Rush University, the University of Chicago, and Illinois Department of Healthcare and Family Services), working to help women fund their hospital appointments, abortions, and recovery as well as transportation and childcare needed to obtain the abortion. CARLA is set to officially launch in 2024

They will use an additional $8 million to provide training for reproductive healthcare workers and providers as well as a consultation program that specializes in helping at risk patients. 

On July 31st, Pritzker also announced that they will open a $5 million grant that will help reproductive health care providers. This $5 million comes from the Rebuild Illinois program, specifically from the $45 billion from the non-transportation portion of this program. 

Illinois government will also be creating a Family Planning Program for Medicaid that provides $5 million to help reproductive health care providers in Illinois and will reimburse employees of the Illinois government who live out of state and need to travel to obtain an abortion. This program will also provide exams, counseling, screenings for reproductive cancers, as well as vasectomies and abortions. 

These are further measures that demonstrate that Pritzker and the state of Illinois seek to become an “abortion oasis” for those from out of state. 

Regardless of changes in legislation or the cultural climate, Caring Network’s mission remains the same. As more women travel to Illinois in search of abortion, we’ll be here to meet them with free services and compassionate care, equipping them to choose life. If you’d like to learn more about our important vision to reach more women and save more lives, reach out to us today. We couldn’t do this vital work without the support of those around us!  

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