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Abortion Ban Takes Effect in Indiana a Year After Being Passed 

On August 21st, 2023, the Indiana Supreme Court ruled to uphold the abortion ban, also known as Senate Enrolled Act 1. This law bans abortions entirely, except for situations such as health risks, fetal anomalies up to 20 weeks (about 4 and a half months), rape, and incest. 

This ruling comes one year after the Indiana Supreme Court had passed the near total abortion ban statewide, back in August of 2022, shortly after Roe v. Wade was overturned. Two months ago, the Indiana Supreme court ruled that this ban does not violate the constitution of the state of Indiana. 

The American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana, along with abortion clinics, such as Planned parenthood, met to petition a halt on the ban until the phrase ‘serious health risks’ within the law was better defined. This halt was denied by the courts, and the law was put into effect a few weeks later. If the ACLU would like to continue their efforts for a better definition of the law, then it will need to go through the judicial appeal process within the state of Indiana. 

What Now? 

Since these limitations on abortion have been put into effect, abortion clinics have stopped providing abortion care and hospitals (and surgical facilities run by hospitals) are now the only permitted places to receive a surgical abortion. 

Now that this ban is officially put into effect, we can expect for abortion numbers to rise in Illinois as women from Indiana search for abortion providers. 

Caring Network is poised to be there when that happens. Our seven Illinois pregnancy centers works to meet women where they are at as they process through their unexpected pregnancies. Our goal is to save two lives at a time; sharing the hope of the gospel and providing the resources and information women need to choose life for their baby. As abortion rates rise in Illinois with every new abortion ban in our neighboring states, we work to help women in their time of need.  

For more information on Caring Networks mission and vision or to get connected, visit here. 

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