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How to Help the Pro-Life Cause

Is your heart moved when you hear about abortion or women facing unplanned pregnancies, but you aren’t sure what you can do to help? You might see issues pertaining to life on the news or on your social media feeds and wonder what you can do to make a difference. In this article, we will offer insight into various ways you can help the pro-life cause.

How to Help the Pro-Life Cause

1.     Pray

Prayer is not only powerful to change our culture towards life, but it’s also powerful when we’re seeking wisdom about how we can make a difference. In the book of James, the Lord says that when we ask for it, He will give us wisdom generously and without reproach. So you can trust that as you are seeking ways to help the pro-life cause, you will receive the direction you’re seeking.

2.     Learn about the pro-life cause

After prayer, an essential starting point is to learn all you can about the pro-life cause. Did you know that nearly 876,000 babies lost their lives to abortion in 2018? You can learn about other current abortion data by searching online. One available resource that provides facts about abortion is You can also learn more about local pro-life efforts at

Another aspect of learning about the pro-life cause is to ask yourself what comes to mind when you think of a woman considering abortion. Can you put yourself in her shoes and imagine the fear she experiences that would cause her to consider ending her child’s life? If you haven’t personally experienced an unexpected pregnancy or abortion, you can read testimonies or talk with others who have to glean insight.

3.     Learn how to engage others in conversations

Pro-abortion and pro-life conversations often involve people who have strong feelings about their stance on the issues. Learn about how being pro-life is so much more than saving babies’ lives; pro-life is pro-woman because it empowers women. And most importantly, seek to listen with patience and grace as you engage others in conversations just as Titus 3:2 instructs us, “ . . . to speak evil of no one, to avoid quarreling, to be gentle, and to show perfect courtesy toward all people.”

4.     Mobilize others

Another way to help the pro-life cause is to organize others. This can include praying together at abortion clinics or hosting baby showers at your church to benefit a local pregnancy center or for women who chose life for their babies. Many of these activities can be creatively adapted to virtual events.

5.     Get involved in legislation

You can also get involved in legislation to help the pro-life cause. You can vote for pro-life candidates, send e-mails to your local elected representative, or even run for elected positions.

6.     Support pro-life organizations financially

Pro-life organizations like Caring Network don’t receive any government funding to support women facing unexpected pregnancies. We provide tangible pregnancy services at our six medical centers in DuPage County. And we depend on financial support from partners like you to continue this life-giving work. You can donate directly or through planned giving.

There are many other opportunities to help the pro-life cause . For additional information, reach out to Caring Network today.

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