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Can We Judge a Life’s Worth Before Birth?

I recently read a heartwarming article about Andrea Bocelli, a famous singer whose mother refused to abort him after learning he would be born with severe birth defects. The prognosis proved to be true. Andrea Bocelli was born with congenital glaucoma and was blind by the age of twelve.

But life can still be worth living as a disabled man. Bocelli’s name is now famous for the beauty he has brought to the world. His albums have now sold over 90 million copies. Stories like these highlight the hope that comes from overcoming obstacles. All life has value and deserves the opportunity to thrive.

Caring Network is a faith-based pro-life organization in DuPage County. Since 1981, we have demonstrated the value of life by coming alongside women facing unplanned pregnancies. Despite the obstacles, they are empowered to choose life through the practical services and compassionate support they receive at our centers. To learn more about the work we do or how to get involved, reach out to us today!

Who Can Determine a Life’s Worth?

We would never look at the healthy child of two loving parents and state that we could somehow predict how he or she is going to turn out. The advantages of this child’s situation may be clear. Many may view their circumstances as a pathway to success. But we don’t know what the future may hold. The parents might divorce and perhaps only one parent raises the child. Or the parents might lose their financial stability. A diagnosis might deprive the child of their health. Regardless of the changes, there would still be hope for the child’s future.

We all know that children born in poverty, children with disabilities, and children from single-parent households can grow up to be successful. Their potential is not diminished by their circumstances. Regardless of whether disaster strikes or not, a child might still grow up to be a hero who cures cancer. A glance at a baby’s current state of health or socioeconomic status is never going to be a crystal ball that helps us to predict their future. And yet, over and over again, this standard is often used for those diagnosed with disabilities in the womb or who come from a lower socioeconomic status.

The Value of Life in the Midst of Obstacles

The truth is that it doesn’t matter if we could accurately take one look at a child’s socioeconomic status and predict his future or not. As Christians, we know that all human beings hold an inherent value that ought to be respected. We are made in the image of God and therefore have worth even before we leave the womb. Bocelli didn’t have to earn his right to live with his beautiful voice. He had that right all along. His story, and many others like his, should teach us to acknowledge that every child has a future of unknown – and often wonderful – possibilities.

Caring Network understands the innate value of life from birth. For 40 years, we’ve provided free pregnancy services in the Chicagoland area. By helping women and men overcome obstacles, we empower them to choose life for their children – providing support through pregnancy and beyond. Join with our mission and vision to rescue lives today.  

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