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Are We Living as Anti-Abortion or as Pro-Life?

In a social and political climate where ‘abortion’ and ‘pro-life’ are hot-button terms, it becomes increasingly necessary to revisit how we’re thinking and how we’re acting. 

Caring Network is a pro-life organization consisting of six pregnancy resource centers across Chicagoland. We exist to holistically serve women and their families so they can be empowered to say “yes” to giving life to their unborn children. We’d love for you to partner with us in this needed ministry in Illinois!

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Defining the Terms

With the polarization surrounding the topic of abortion, it might be helpful to revisit how these phrases are used.

Currently, society tends to throw pro-life groups, organizations, and people into another broad category called ‘anti-abortion.’ This is sometimes also referred to as ‘anti-choice.’ Instead of focusing on the holistic involvement of being pro-life, this idea that it severely limits women’s freedom and equality is put forth and hyper-focused on.

Now, when it comes to being a follower of Jesus, we know that being pro-life is more than just being against abortion. To be pro-life is to desire all of humanity to be safe, healthy, and to thrive throughout life. This means caring about men, women, children, and families- no matter the age. Caring for the orphan, widow, and refugee. Protecting and helping the vulnerable and poverty-stricken. It means knowing that the value of human life is intrinsic, that humans are loved by God, and that we are to alleviate suffering.

So, yes, of course, the pro-life movement is anti-abortion! However, the anti-abortion piece is just that, a piece of a larger pie.

Taking a Look at the Ways of Jesus

Moving forward as pro-life people, our first course of action should always be to look to Jesus. The stories of His life through the Gospels show us how much He values all of humanity. He heals the sick, comforts the brokenhearted, welcomes the little children, and sets free the enslaved-to-sin. This list includes men, women, and children. His heart is with humanity and He enters into our pain, into our troubles, into our difficult circumstances so we are no longer alone.

Living Holistically Pro-Life

As we take cues from our Savior, the way we think, act, and interact should be directly influenced by His living and His teachings. We should take care to live in such caring, present, honorable ways that we cannot be labeled as only caring about one facet of the pro-life matter. Serving the vulnerable, helping out the single mother, and welcoming the neighbor that is different than us are all ways that we should be actively living out our faith. Prayinggiving, and volunteering are concrete avenues to start being actively pro-life!

As we all ponder what it means to be actively pro-life, we invite you to get started at Caring Network. We have many opportunities for you to get involved in prayer, support, and volunteering! We are more than an anti-abortion organization—we desire women, men, and children to thrive and lead fulfilling, healthy lives. If this resonates with you, consider filling out an application for one of our career opportunities!

Email or call us today to learn more about being actively pro-life.

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