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The Importance of Youth Involvement

For non-profit organizations, it can easy to overlook the importance of youth involvement. For those who work in the pro-life sector, it’s vital to begin engaging young audiences who are passionate about the cause- even though they may not be able to make a financial contribution. However, for non-profits that mostly utilize adults in performing services and volunteer efforts, it can be difficult to know how to attract young people to a cause and maximize their time, talents, and energy on an ongoing basis. So, what is so important about youth involvement with pro-life organizations? And how do you go about helping them get connected to your mission? 

Caring Network is a pro-life organization serving women facing unplanned pregnancies in the Chicagoland area & beyond. We exist to provide free services and compassionate support to anyone facing an unexpected pregnancy. In the next five years, we will be expanding to reach more women and save more lives opening affiliate clinics across the state of Illinois. This work is impossible without the prayers, support, partnership, and volunteer work of those in our community – of all ages. Reach out to learn more about how you or your group can get involved today!

The Importance of Awareness & Education

In our current culture, youth are being inundated with information from all sorts of places. As a result, their worldview is being shaped by the messages they receive, which often do not come from a biblical perspective. The first step youth can take is to become educated on what the Bible says about life, creation, and humanity. What does the Bible say about when life begins? Why do Christians believe abortion is wrong? What are the ways that Christians can demonstrate love to those going through an unplanned pregnancy?  High school and college years are foundational for youth, very often a time when many begin making their own decisions and formulating life views. Having an educated understanding of these issues, based on biblical teachings, is an important first step to cultivating involvement in pro-life issues.

Compassionate Perspective for Those in Need


While developing beliefs, it can be easy to get into a “right vs. wrong” mentality and begin to view others differently who don’t have the same beliefs or morals. It’s important for young people to not only be exposed to the needs of others (even if they don’t agree with their lifestyle) but to also meet those needs with love and compassion. As Christians, we are called to love as Jesus loved, which involved meeting everyone right where they were at, with respect and dignity.

This is no different for those facing an unplanned pregnancy. Often, the women who are navigating this situation have complex circumstances and are facing many obstacles in life. Regardless of what happened in the past, or the choices that brought them to their present circumstances, our job as Christ followers is to love and walk alongside those who are hurting.

Practical Ways Youth Can Get Involved

Knowing that the need is great, how can young people get involved in helping those facing unplanned pregnancies? Many pro-life organizations run various fundraisers throughout the year that directly impact young moms or women experiencing unplanned pregnancies. Check with your local organization to see if they need baby items such as diapers, clothing, or baby toiletries. No donation is too small and every little bit helps! Also, many of these organizations may utilize volunteers to run various programs or events, like banquets or races. These events can be a great way to open a door to early non-profit participation for teenagers or youth groups, introducing them to pro-life work and the benefits of helping young women in need.

Last, but not least, a practical way to get involved is by helping someone going through an unexpected pregnancy themselves. Reaching out to someone at school or church who may be navigating this situation shows them that you care. It allows you to reflect the love of Christ in a tangible way in a great time of need.

Youth involvement is important for any organization, but can be especially impactful for pro-life non-profits like Caring Network. Utilizing the gifts, passion, and enthusiasm of youth helps fuel our mission for generations to come. If you’d like to learn more about how you or your youth group can come alongside the vital work we do, reach out to us today!

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