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Ana is a single mom of older children. She took a positive pregnancy test at home and was completely shocked. “Everything in my life is settled now,” she told her pregnancy consultant. She was 100% set on having an abortion and her boyfriend was supportive of her decision. Her consultant walked her through abortion information, including the emotional, physical, and spiritual risks. Ana discussed the pros and cons of each pregnancy option with her consultant. She said she was raised to think abortion was wrong, but personally, she felt that it was the decision she would make. Her consultant encouraged her to take time to think through all that they had discussed. Ana received prayer and scheduled a follow-up appointment for an ultrasound. When she returned for her scan, her heart was completely changed! She said, “After talking to (my consultant) I was able to think about everything and decided I couldn’t go through with it.” She was able to share the news with her family and they are excited and supportive.

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