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Sanctity of Human Life: What Is The Sanctity of Life?

Each January we celebrate the Sanctity of Human Life. It’s a time to honor God’s creation of life, from the tiniest form in the womb to the oldest member of society. This is also a great time to have discussions with children or teenagers regarding the value of life.

What exactly is Sanctity of Human Life and how do get involved with your family, church, or youth group?

Caring Network is an Illinois non-profit that has been upholding the value of life for 40 years. Our pregnancy resource centers and post-abortion support programs provide hope and healing to women and men in the Chicagoland area. By providing free services and compassionate support to women facing an unplanned pregnancy, we overcome barriers to life. Join in our life-saving work today by partnering through prayergiving, or volunteer work.

What is the Sanctity of Life?


The sanctity of humanity lies in how we were created – as image-bearers of God. Each life is bestowed value not because of who we are , but because of who made us. God has bestowed upon each person a part of who He is. As a result, every single life has innate value – from birth to grave.


In addition, we have value not only as bearers of God’s image but as recipients of His love. He has poured His affections upon us, further signifying our worth (again not because of who we are, but because of who He is). As C.S. Lewis says in “ The Problem of Pain :”

“Man does not exist for his own sake. ‘Thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.’ (Revelations 4:11)  We were made not primarily that we may love God (though we were made for that too) but that God may love us, that we may become objects in which the Divine love may rest ‘well pleased’.”

How to Share the Sanctity of Life with Children

After understanding the basic concepts of the origin of human value, it’s important to be able to articulate those to the next generation. They will be the ones standing up for the value of life in the future. And it will be up to them to share these same truths with the generations to come.


Not only is it appropriate to highlight each life’s worth during January’s Sanctity of Human Life month, but it’s also important to integrate the value of life into everyday moments. Teachable opportunities present themselves regularly to reinforce these truths. Whether it’s in the midst of a fight between siblings, a desire to not share, something they see on the news or hear about at school, there are countless chances to reinforce the value of life through meaningful conversations with children, even beginning at a young age.


There are also ways to get your children specifically involved in matters of life. Often, around Sanctity of Human Life Sunday, and throughout the year, there are activities available in your community. Here are a few simple ways to get involved:

  • Pray for your local pregnancy resource center and its clients.
  • Gather baby items like diapers, clothing, and formula to donate to moms in need.
  • Make a donation for a pro-life organization by collecting spare change , offering to do chores for money, or donating a portion of the monthly allowance.
  • Call your local pregnancy resource center, maternity home, or similar organization to learn more about how you can support their work.

Caring about the Sanctity of Human Life calls us to action. Sharing these values with the next generation is one of the many ways we can make an impact. If you live in the Chicagoland area and would like to learn more about how to partner in saving lives, reach out to Caring Network today. There are opportunities for you, your family, Sunday School class, or youth group to join in our mission through prayer, donating and other areas of support. Learn more today!

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