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Sanctity of Human Life 2020

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is January 19, 2020. This is a way for churches and parishes to participate in the time-honored tradition celebrating the value of every life, beginning in the womb. Churches and individuals can participate in Sanctity of Human Life Sunday in a variety of forms—from dedicated services, volunteer projects, prayer gatherings, and more. How will you participate in this celebration?

 Caring Network is a DuPage County non-profit that has been upholding the sanctity of human life since 1981.  Through our ministry, women facing unexpected pregnancy can receive free services and support, while men and women who have encountered the pain of abortion can find healing.  Join with us in our work in saving lives. 

Sanctity of Human Life: Church Involvement

Sanctity of Human Life Sunday is an easy way to engage congregations around the topic of life.  Often the church calendar gets busy and there are so many ministry options to choose from.  Discussing matters of life may take a back-burner to ongoing church projects or various needs of the day.  Establishing a Sanctity of Human Life service allows for the issue to be addressed from the pulpit, while offering opportunities for congregants or parishioners to get involved in pro-life matters.

Local pro-life organizations often offer options to assist churches in their Sanctity of Human Life celebrations.  At Caring Network, we can provide a pro-life video, client testimonial, or a speaker from our staff.  We also can set up a booth to pass out materials or offer congregants ways to get involved, such as volunteer opportunities or our baby bottle campaign.  There are many options available and we would love to see how we can come alongside your church in making Sanctity of Human Life Sunday a success.

Sanctity of Human Life: How to Get Started

What if your church has never celebrated Sanctity of Human Life Sunday or they haven’t had a dedicated SOHL service in quite some time?  Whether or not your church has been very involved in pro-life matters or spoken about life issues from the pulpit in the past, Sanctity of Human Life Sunday offers a simple and unique way to start the process.

Pastors, elders and church leadership are often busy people who are not always able to focus on every issue that a church may want to address.  Proposing a celebration of Sanctity of Human Life to an elder board, pastor, or committee can be a way to begin the process of bringing life matters into focus.  Committing one Sunday a year can seem like an attainable place to start.  Perhaps your church will then be inspired for further involvement going forward.

If you are interested in becoming involved in pro-life ministry on a congregation or individual level, contact Caring Network today. Whether you’re looking into ways for your church to host Sanctity of Human Life or you would like to participate in prayer partnership or volunteering , we are here to assist.  Reach out for more information today. We look forward to celebrating the Sanctity of Human Life together. 

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