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Out of State Abortions on the Rise in Illinois

Many pro-lifers rejoiced this summer as the Supreme Court released its ruling on Dobbs, overturning decades of lives lost under Roe v. Wade. However, now it is up to individual states to determine the legality of abortion. And some states, like Illinois, hope to set themselves up as an “abortion tourist destination.” Just a few short months after the Dobbs ruling, Illinois is already seeing a significant increase in women from out of state going to Planned Parenthood. What can be expected in the coming months, as more women flock to abortion-friendly states for services? How is Caring Network planning to respond? 

Caring Network consists of seven pregnancy resource centers in the Chicagoland area. With the increase in women traveling to Illinois from other states seeking abortion, our vision is to reach more women across the state. By opening affiliate sites throughout Illinois, we can better meet the increased demand by offering abortion alternatives and free, compassionate services. Our goal is to reach more women and save more lives. Will you join us?

Planned Parenthood Illinois Sees Increase in Out of State Clients

According to an NBC Chicago article, Planned Parenthood of Illinois’ Chief Strategy and Operations Officer said, “In August of this year, Planned Parenthood of Illinois saw more out-of-state patients for abortion care than ever before.” They anticipate this trend will only continue.

“PPIL typically sees patients from 10 to 15 different states each month, but by August, the organization had seen patients from 28 states across the country, with most coming from nearby states like Wisconsin and Ohio…’We’ve seen a tenfold increase in Wisconsin patients seeking abortion care in Illinois,’ Schulz said, adding that PPIL has seen 18 times as many patients from Kentucky, four times as many from Texas and twice as many from Indiana since Roe was overturned.”

As Illinois has set itself up as a destination for women seeking abortion and has little to no abortion restrictions, women will continue to travel to the state from other areas seeking to terminate their pregnancies.

Caring Network’s Vision to Save More Lives

Caring Network is currently in the process of adding new affiliate centers across the state to address this increased need. As women come to Illinois seeking abortion, we want to be ready to meet them exactly where they are. By opening 25 affiliate centers in rural, urban, and suburban areas, we will be strategically located to meet the increased needs. These centers will offer free life-saving services like options consultations, compassionate support, and limited medical ultrasounds.

Many women seek abortion because they feel like it’s their only option. If they are driving or flying from miles away, they may feel desperate, alone, and overwhelmed. We’re here to help women see that abortion isn’t their only option…and they never have to walk through a pregnancy decision alone. By being the hands and feet of Christ, we’re here to come alongside them, and provide the services and resources needed to be empowered to choose life for their babies.

Would you like to learn more about our life-saving work? Would you like to join in our efforts to reach more women traveling to Illinois from surrounding states? Hear more about our mission and vision today!

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