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Indiana Bans Abortion – How Does This Impact Caring Network?

Last month, the first abortion ban passed after the Dobbs ruling took effect in Indiana. This legislation was voted for in a special session in early August. The Indiana governor released a statement saying that he signed the law into effect in an effort to “to support legislation that made progress in protecting life.” With bans or major restrictions already in place in surrounding states such as Kentucky and Ohio, this means more abortion-minded women will be traveling to Illinois. What does the abortion ban in Indiana mean for the work at Caring Network? 

Caring Network’s mission is to bring God’s love and compassion to women seeking an abortion, helping them to choose life – both physical and spiritual. Churches play a vital role in the work we do here by raising awareness, hosting programs, providing support, and joining us in prayer. If you’d like to learn more about how you or your church can get involved, check out our Church Corner!

Small Efforts Go A Long Way

Throughout the New Testament, we can find many examples of Christ meeting the physical and practical needs of those around Him – all while addressing their spiritual needs. When it comes to those facing unplanned pregnancies, we can walk out our faith in Jesus by addressing these needs as well. Approaching women who are unexpectedly pregnant with compassion, love, and lack of judgment is a great place to start. From there, identify what her physical needs are. Is she considering abortion due to her life circumstances? Is there some way the church can help meet some of her practical needs? Also, sharing the love of Christ with her both verbally and tangibly can make an impact for eternity.

Creating a Safe Environment

One simple way a church can make an impact for life is by creating a welcoming, safe environment for those who are unexpectedly pregnant. Many women may be afraid to bring up their situation out of fear of judgment or shame. The church is the place where these women should receive support & care, yet because of this fear, they may keep it a secret and not receive the help they need.

Support Organizations on the Frontlines

There are often organizations in your local area that are doing work on the frontlines of this issue. Pregnancy resource centers and other pro-life organizations strive to help promote the cause of life and care for those who are concerned about an unplanned pregnancy. Do some research into these groups and see what services and programs they offer. Would your church be able to do a collection of baby items for new moms? Can you support your local pregnancy center through special offerings or Sanctity of Human Life Sunday? You can even start up a pro-life committee at your church to help address these needs.

Join a Discipleship or Mentorship Program

If your church is looking to invest in mentorship or discipleship, Caring Network has two unique opportunities. Journey is for Caring Network clients who are seeking to grow in their faith. Perhaps they recently decided to have faith in Christ, they are exploring Christianity, or they have questions of faith that they would like to process with someone. If you have a passion for discipleship and investing in the faith development of others, reach out to to learn more.

Connections is an opportunity for a church group, Sunday school class, or group of Christian friends to come alongside a woman who has chosen life for her baby. Your group will provide support by building a network around her – taking her out to coffee, getting to know her, and just being there for her. At the end of her pregnancy, the group throws her a baby shower to help celebrate her and the new life she brings! If you’d like to learn more about Connections, reach out to

These are a few examples, but there are many other ways to get involved. If you’re in the Chicagoland area and would like to know more about how your church can make an impact for life, reach out to Caring Network today!

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