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Giving Women All Pregnancy Options Is Empowering

Empowering women. It’s a tagline we often hear, causing the words to lose their . . . power. Yet empowering women is crucial to our work at Caring Network as women facing unplanned pregnancies agonize over life-altering decisions.

One goal of our work is that the women who visit any of our Caring Network locations will leave armed with accurate facts and the confidence they need to make informed pregnancy decisions. We do that by giving women information about all of their pregnancy options. But you may be thinking, “Why would a pro-life organization provide information about abortion?”

The answer is because giving women all pregnancy options is empowering. Let’s take a look at how it empowers the women we serve.

How All Pregnancy Options Empower Women

When a woman discovers she is unexpectedly pregnant, she has three options; parenting, adoption, and abortion. We share accurate information about each of her pregnancy options, and we also provide supportive referrals for parenting and adoption.

When women arrive at our centers, they are often confused, scared, and uninformed. Sometimes, they are being pressured to have abortions they don’t want, and when we review all of their options, they are empowered to make confident choices about their pregnancies.

Ways that giving women all pregnancy options is empowering:


Our society waves the flag of freedom of choice. In reality, many women don’t feel that they had authentic choices because they didn’t realize that they didn’t have all the needed information before their abortions.

Information is empowering. Some women have expressed regret that they didn’t have all the facts before making their decision to have an abortion. Depending on state regulations, abortion facilities may not be required to share information about other options or available resources. This can lead to women not making a fully-informed decision regarding their pregnancy.

At Caring Network, we provide truthful information about parenting, adoption, and abortion without pressure, so women will never have to say, “I didn’t know.”


Abortion is so accepted in our culture. When some women discover they are unexpectedly pregnant, it may feel like their only option. Or their hearts want to continue their pregnancies, but fear is clouding their thinking, and they don’t see how it’s possible.

Women deserve to know that abortion may solve the issue of being pregnant, but it comes with a plethora of other problems that our culture doesn’t discuss, including risks to their physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

When we present women with information about abortion in addition to resources about parenting and adoption, we can see fear dissipate and hope return. For the first time, they consider choosing life as a viable option.

Every day, Caring Network is empowering women who are facing unexpected pregnancies. We are grateful for supporters like you who help us fulfill our vision and save lives. Your prayersservice, and financial giving are invaluable. Reach out today if you would like to learn more!

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