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Fall: A Great Time to Get Involved at Caring Network

There is no denying that Fall is coming. The temperature starts to dwindle between 80 degrees and 60 degrees, increasingly dropping bit by bit, day by day. As summer ends and fall begins, a season of transition starts. Families come home from vacations, kids return to school, and mothers adjust to the new schedule. The craziness of becoming reacquainted with life before the three months filled with vacations, sun, and time with your community.  

The fall brings a great reminder, within the colder days and the busyness of life, to support one another in your community. This can be done in many different ways! One of the prominent ways we encourage you is to support the women within your community who are either experiencing an unexpected pregnancy or grieving a decision made in their past. These situations bring lots of stress and confusion to one’s life and they need support and love from those around them!  

Opportunities to Serve at Caring Network 

Caring Network helps provide resources for women in need, but also resources and opportunities for those who feel a call to serve women. We encourage you to reflect and pray about where the Lord may call you to use your time, which may be a different way than you had before, and to consider looking into opportunities provided by Caring Network! There are many opportunities where you can support Caring Network’s mission through using your passion, skills, and faith. 

Volunteer opportunities with Caring Network include office support, event assistance, transportation and more! Additionally, Caring Network is looking to fill both part-time and full-time positions on our team! Caring network is a wonderful Christ-centered non-profit dedicated to serving women and saving two lives at a time. Check out our volunteer and employment pages to learn more about these opportunities!  

Getting Kids or Teens Involved at Caring Network 

Back to school season is also a great time to consider options for getting children or teens involved in “giving back.” One easy way for young people to support the work of Caring Network is through hosting a baby shower or diaper drive. Caring Network operates several “Baby Banks” in the Chicagoland area that help provide baby supplies for moms in need. All of these Baby Banks are stocked through community donations of diapers, wipes, clothing, toiletries, etc. By collecting items, your children or teens can directly impact families who rely on these programs!  

Fall is a great time to get involved with Caring Network. Each opportunity to partner with us in our important mission helps to serve and aid women experiencing unexpected pregnancies in the Chicagoland area. If you are passionate about Christ and serving women, we encourage you to pray about how you or your family can get involved! Reach out to us to learn more!  

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