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Expanding to Reach Bolingbrook & the Spanish-Speaking Community

Reaching women facing unplanned pregnancy is our priority. In the US, there is disparity between the rates of unintended pregnancies amongst black, Hispanic, and Caucasian populations. The Department of Health and Human Services shares this stat: “In 2011, the percentage of unintended pregnancies was 69% among US Black women, 56% among Latinas, and 42% among White women.” Not all populations are impacted the same. What can be done to help relieve the negative effects of unplanned pregnancies, especially among minority populations? 

Caring Network’s vision is to strategically reach populations who are impacted by high unplanned pregnancy rates. This year, our goal is to open a new center in Bolingbrook, Illinois specifically targeting the Hispanic community. By offering free services in Spanish and compassionate support, we can come alongside moms in a time of need. To learn more about this special initiative to impact the Spanish-speaking community, reach out to us today.

Bolingbrook, Illinois & Partnership to Reach More Hispanic Women

According to Data USA, over 25% of the population of Bolingbrook, Illinois is Hispanic. This, combined with a partnership with The Compass Church in Bolingbrook, has led us to open a new women’s center to better serve that community. The Compass Church dedicates a section of its campus to community outreach and care. This care center includes a food bank in partnership with Loaves & Fishes Community Services, serving over 100 families per week, and a free clothing store to help address needs within the community. Caring Network will operate a pregnancy center in this community center location. We will provide free medical-grade pregnancy tests and options consultations to women who are concerned they may be pregnant – all with the option of receiving services in Spanish.

The Needs of the Community

Although Bolingbrook has a lower than average poverty level percentage (6.7% vs US average of 12.3%), Females between the ages of 18-24 are the largest demographic that live below the poverty line. In addition, Hispanics make up over 22% of those living below the poverty line in Bolingbrook. Therefore, young Latina women living in Bolingbrook and the surrounding area are a vulnerable population. Caring Network wants to be available to provide vital services should anyone become concerned about a possible unexpected pregnancy.

How You Can Help

Currently, Caring Network is seeking to hire a bilingual Pregnancy Consultant. This person would oversee the basic functions of the Bolingbrook center and provide pregnancy services in Spanish, when needed. They will have a passion for helping women and men who are faced with an unexpected pregnancy and will utilize their bilingual skills to assist the Spanish-speaking community. They would provide pregnancy options counseling and support services to help address the needs in clients’ lives. Training is provided. Check out our Careers page for more information on the position and how to apply.

Caring Network has been serving women and men facing unplanned pregnancies since 1981. With six pregnancy centers located throughout Illinois (and more on the way), our vision is to eliminate the suffering from and desire for abortion in our state. By opening our new Bolingbrook, Illinois center, we are reaching a demographic that is susceptible to choosing abortion due to the challenges they face. By offering compassionate support and coming alongside women who are navigating an unplanned pregnancy, we can help equip them to choose life. Join with us in our work today! 

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