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Adaptive Pregnancy Services – Meeting Women Where They Are

“It is not a failure to readjust my sails to fit the waters I find myself in,” said Mackenzi Lee in her book The Lady’s Guide to Petticoats and Piracy. And I’m sure we can all relate. As the waters of our world have shifted over the past several months, our lives have had to adapt in order to stay afloat.

The same is true for businesses and non-profit organizations, especially those who provide in-person services such as pregnancy resource centers.  In the midst of changing times, how have pregnancy services been adapted to continuing to meet women where they are?

 Since 1981, Caring Network has offered unplanned pregnancy services, reaching women where they are – in the midst of a pregnancy decision.  Although our methods and approach have adapted over the years, our mission has remained the same: to reach more women and save more lives.  Through times of change, we have continued to be able to provide services at no cost, all thanks to our partners in ministry. With the support of individuals and churches in our community, we continue to grow and fulfill God’s calling for our organization. Find out more about how you can help today! 

Adapting Pregnancy Services Over the Years

Caring Network began as a grassroots effort. Pro-life individuals and clergy in DuPage County came together for a common cause – to protect the unborn and support women who were going through unplanned pregnancy.  With the support of volunteers who partnered with the organization, a hotline was installed that rang in a mechanic’s garage.  Pregnancy counselors would answer the hotline and meet women at a café, restaurant, or somewhere out in the community.  They would hear women’s stories, learn their obstacles, and find ways that they could come alongside her in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy.

Over the years, our organization has grown and our services have expanded.  Six pregnancy resource centers have been built and staffed by highly trained pregnancy counselors.  Medical technology has been utilized through the power of ultrasound services.  Expansive outreach efforts have been implemented to reach women exactly where they are.  As times have changed and new needs were identified, Caring Network has continued to hone our efforts to reach more and more women who are at risk for choosing abortion.

Adapting Pregnancy Services During COVID-19

In the past several months, Caring Network has continued to adapt to respond to the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result of shelter in place orders and in an effort to protect our staff and clients, we began to offer remote services.  Not only does this help maintain health and safety standards, it also overcomes obstacles of accessibility or availability for women in need of our services.  No longer do they need to travel to one of our six centers.  Instead, they can “meet with us” virtually from their own home.  Through this opportunity, we have been able to serve women who are outside of our usual geographic areas of service, all while women choose life at an even higher rate!

As we all transition back into re-entering society and work routines again, it’s important to Caring Network to continue to find ways to adapt.  With this in mind, as we start re-opening our centers and providing services in person again, we are continuing to offer remote services for those who prefer this method.  We understand that each woman has unique needs and individual circumstances, and we are here to meet them exactly where they are.

Adapting to the times and changes around us is important to Caring Network because it allows us to further our vision of reaching and saving more.  If we can meet women where they are, we can connect them with life-saving services and compassionate support, reflecting the love of Christ.  All of this is possible through the support and encouragement of those who come alongside us.  Learn how to get involved today! 

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