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Abortion’s Lingering Effects of Unresolved Pain and Shame

Have you ever been so busy with life you did not slow down long enough to realize there were issues from your past affecting your emotions? Certain seasons of life can be so challenging you can push aside your own mental health and live in a type of “survival mode.” Maybe you were too busy juggling full-time college classes with a part-time job.

Or perhaps you were caring for young children and barely getting any sleep at night. Or you were just trying to manage a strenuous career. Regardless of the circumstances, you didn’t take time to address the feelings you were experiencing under the surface.

At some point, when life transitions to a slower pace and you get time to ponder and reflect on your life, the inevitable happens.  Questions you never really stopped to think about can come flooding into your mind. This can be true especially when you have experienced a life-changing event like having an abortion.

Facing Unresolved Pain and Shame

If you’ve had an abortion and are beginning to address your unresolved pain, many questions may start to rise to the surface. Questions like:

  • Why didn’t I take more time to explore my options when I had my unexpected pregnancy?
  • Why did I let my boyfriend pressure me into getting an abortion when I wanted to keep the baby?
  • Will this emotional turmoil and shame from the abortion ever go away?
  • I wonder if my addictions and broken relationships were connected to my unresolved pain from the abortions?

These questions can weigh heavily on those they affect. And it can be challenging to know how to resolve these feelings, even decades later.  Finding the right help for your situation may seem difficult, if not, impossible.

How Restore After Abortion Addresses Lingering Pain and Shame

Healing from pain and shame from the past has its challenges, but it is possible. Taking the time out to care for your emotional needs related to your abortion experience is important. There are many resources available to those who want to seek healing from the feelings that follow a past abortion. Post-abortion support programs like Restore After Abortion can help you navigate these difficult questions. These programs provide an opportunity to talk through your experience in a compassionate, confidential, and nonjudgmental setting.  At Restore, men and women can process through the lingering pain and shame of the abortion and find forgiveness, wholeness, and healing.

As one previous Restore client shared:

“The program dredged up things that the Lord knew needed to be dealt with and by His grace He provided this avenue and the appropriate counselor to help me heal in ways that I didn’t know were possible. I needed this program and I needed that counselor to bring me step by step through this healing process.”

Caring Network offers many services surrounding unexpected pregnancy, including post-abortion support. Our Restore After Abortion program is here to listen and help. We offer options tailored to meet your needs. You can choose individual or small group formats, daytime or evening meetings, type of abortion recovery study, and virtual or in-person support. Contact Restore today to begin moving forward from past pain and shame. There is hope. There is healing.

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