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5 Ways Men Can Support Pregnancy Centers

Perhaps you are looking into ways to become involved at a local pro-life pregnancy center, but as a man, you aren’t sure what opportunities are available. Pro-life ministries need people of all different backgrounds and experiences to help them succeed. There are several ways for men to support pregnancy centers.

 Caring Network is a pro-life ministry that has been supporting women and men in choosing life for almost 40 years.  Through the support of partners in the community and a faithful base of volunteers, we have expanded to operating six centers in the DuPage County area.  If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved in our pregnancy center work, contact us today! 

How Can Men Support Pregnancy Centers?

  1. Start the conversation. Recently, a local college threw a “baby shower” to collect items to donate to Caring Network.  Half of the attendees were men. One of them approached me, expressing a desire to support pro-life causes, but he wasn’t sure where to start. He felt like unexpected pregnancy was something that was not discussed much with other males.  I encouraged him that by simply having the conversation, he was already getting the ball rolling!  Being willing to approach the topic of unplanned pregnancy is a huge first step in spreading the word for the pro-life cause.
  2. Volunteer your time. Just because pregnancy centers may primarily serve women, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t a role for you in volunteering.  Do you have spare time? Do you have a particular skill set that may be of use?  Often centers can use assistance with transporting donated items, handyman repairs, IT support, consulting, or office set up.  Reach out to your local center and find out what volunteer opportunities are available to you.
  3. Prayer changes and saves lives! One of the most impactful opportunities available in pro-life work is through prayer.  Some centers offer opportunities to specifically partner in prayer for clients as they are making their pregnancy decisions.  There are other ways to pray within your community or for your local center.  Often groups of like-minded pro-life individuals will get together for special prayer initiatives, such as 40 Days for Life.  Prayer is a powerful tool and one that is often not emphasized enough.
  4. Financially support your local center. Most pregnancy centers are non-profit organizations and rely on the donations of individuals and churches in their community.  Financially supporting your local center can mean making contributions through monetary support or through the collection of items the center may need.  Often, donations can be given to the center that will directly benefit the clients they serve.  Reach out to your local center to find out how you can best support them.
  5. Become known as an advocate for life. Pregnancy centers need people in the community who are advocating for their work, and are sharing about their services.  Our culture often paints a negative picture of pregnancy center work.  If there are people in the community who are familiar with the quality of services we provide and are informed of our processes and procedures, the positive factors of pregnancy centers are brought to light.

If you are a man who is looking for ways to support pregnancy center work in the Chicagoland area, Caring Network is a great place to start! There are opportunities to partner with us, both through the organization, as well as out in the community.  It’s never too late to start promoting pro-life work in your area.  Check out our Get Involved page for more info!

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