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Volunteer Receptionist: A Vital Role at Caring Network

Caring Network relies on several volunteers at each of our pregnancy center locations to assist with receptionist duties. These faithful servants help keep our offices open and free up staff members to meet with women in need.  What exactly does a volunteer receptionist do? How do they contribute to the overall mission and vision of Caring Network?

Caring Network is a pro-life, faith-based organization in the western suburbs of Chicago that has been assisting women facing unplanned pregnancies since 1981.  Learn more about our ministry and ways to get involved here.  If you’d like to use your time and skills towards volunteering as a receptionist, email for your next step!

For almost 40 years, Caring Network has relied upon numerous volunteers!  The organization was started by a faithful band of volunteers and since then, we have been blessed with many in the community who have helped advance our work.  Currently, volunteer receptionists are our greatest need.  This role is critical to our operations as an organization and helps us further our mission.

How Volunteer Receptionists Help

Volunteer receptionists provide great support to our staffing needs.  Having a volunteer on hand helps free up a staff member to serve more clients.  They also contribute to our office needs, assisting with general tasks and projects.  We are grateful for each of our volunteer receptionists who faithfully serve in this vital role!

Typical Volunteer Receptionist Responsibilities

What exactly does a volunteer receptionist DO?  The most important role a volunteer receptionist plays is to be the first welcoming face a woman sees when she walks into one of our centers.  The receptionist is there to greet her, making her feel welcomed and comfortable.  She truly sets the tone for the client’s experience with us!

Aside from greeting clients, the receptionist also provides the client with the initial paperwork needed for her appointment.  She also helps with office tasks including filing, organization, and light cleaning.  Often a center’s director may leave other tasks or projects for her to complete.

This role also provides an important opportunity for prayer.  As women are being seen for their appointments, the receptionist has the chance to intercede for the client and pregnancy counselor.  She also may become aware of specific needs of Caring Network that she can be lifting up in prayer.  We are so grateful for the intercession of our volunteer receptionists!

Next Steps to Becoming a Volunteer Receptionist

Do you have free time you’d like to utilize for a ministry cause? Do you have compassion and empathy for those facing an unplanned pregnancy?  If you have daytime availability and reliable transportation, perhaps a volunteer receptionist position may be a good fit for you.  Commitment to the role, confidentiality, and faithfulness are key.  Typical receptionists serve a morning shift from 9am-1pm or an afternoon shift from 1pm-5pm once a week or twice a month.  If you are interested in learning more about how to apply, email

There are many ways to get involved at Caring Network.  Take the next steps in applying to be a volunteer or check out other ways to participate in our work.  Opportunities for prayer, financial partnership, and church connections are just a few options.  We look forward to partnering with you in advancing the cause of life! 

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