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The Pro-Life Debate: Agreeing to Disagree

In today’s political climate, there are a lot of “hot button” topics that are in the news on a regular basis. One of the primary topics up for debate is abortion legislation, both on a national and state-wide level. How do you navigate these topics with those in your life who may not be pro-life or may have a different political perspective? How do you agree to disagree when it comes to pro-life matters?

Caring Network is a faith-based, pro-life organization that has been serving DuPage County for almost 40 years.  If you’d like to learn more about how to get involved in a ministry that is saving lives or come alongside our work through prayer or giving, contact us or visit our Get Involved page for more information! 


One of the most beneficial things we can do when facing a potentially tense or touchy conversation is to take the time to listen to the perspectives of others.  Often, we may assume we know where a person is coming from without ever having taken the time to hear them out.  With topics such as abortion and pro-life issues, there can be personal situations that may have influenced the other person’s beliefs and opinions.  The only way to discover this is to put aside all assumptions and give the other person your full, undivided attention.  Take time to hear the thoughts and experiences that are shaping the way they are thinking regarding abortion.


Another beneficial component to a healthy conversation on pro-life issues is to let love lead—always.  It can be easy to become so wrapped up in what we believe to be “right” that we don’t fully see the other person.  This is truly where the rubber meets the road with implementing the concept of “agreeing to disagree.”  Can we love the other person for who he or she is, and not let his or her differing beliefs cloud our view?  Can we see him or her as created in God’s image and, as a result, offer the respect and care this person deserves?


The end goal of any of these conversations should not be “conversion” to our line of thinking, but should instead be positive engagement on the topic at hand.  If you set out to change the other person’s mind, you will often find that you fail.  However, if your goal is to have a positive conversation around a difficult topic, you can often find success if you listen and lead with love.  Shifting your perspective on the success of the conversation can lead to a more rewarding conversation for both parties.

Above all, we are called to unity.  It can be difficult and trying when a family member, friend, or co-worker does not see eye-to-eye with you regarding pro-life issues.  Abortion truly is a matter of life and death; and as a result, emotions can run high.  However, recognizing the individuality of each person, taking time to learn from his or her perspective, and doing it all in love will go a long way!

Caring Network has been involved in pro-life matters since 1981 and has seen many changes in our culture over the past few decades.  Regardless of what happens on the political landscape, we are here to serve women in need and help save the lives of their unborn children.  We hope you will join in our mission as we work together to make an even greater impact. 

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