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Tackling Unplanned Pregnancy Online

 Where does a woman turn when she is concerned she might be pregnant? Although she may eventually tell a friend or trusted family member, for many women, her first step is to search the internet. At Caring Network our goal is to be online at that initial moment, providing her with resources and support.

That is why internet advertising and search engine optimization is vitally important to the work we do. It reaches women in the moment before anyone else knows.

Caring Network is a non-profit pregnancy center that has been serving women in the Chicagoland area for almost 40 years.  We utilize many avenues to reach women who are considering their pregnancy options so that we can provide helpful information and support.  We offer a variety of services including free pregnancy tests and options counseling before making a pregnancy decision.  Advertising helps get our name out to the women who are the most vulnerable and in need of our services.  Click here to find out more about how to support our efforts!

Unexpected Pregnancy Online Strategy

The world of the internet has drastically changed over the years.  Now, young adults are using their phone more than ever to do searching, social media, and communication.  Advertisers who wish to get their attention have found that the most efficient way is to reach them where they are at and to do so before others begin to compete with their message.

In the work of unplanned pregnancy, this means utilizing social media, Google Ads, organic website content, web directories, and a host of various other virtual sources to reach our target audience.  Women who are concerned about a possible pregnancy might start googling their potential symptoms or asking the web about the accuracy of pregnancy tests before they have even taken a positive test at home.  The internet has allowed us to reach these women with our name and services before they find out they are pregnant.  A few days or a few moments can have a huge impact on a woman’s decision.

Sharing the Caring Network Message Online

The internet also allows us to share the message of the work we do at Caring Network.  In our culture, there are competing messages within the pregnancy care world.  Often pregnancy resource centers are depicted as manipulative or offering “fake” services or inaccurate information.  At Caring Network, we ensure we uphold the standards of a women’s limited medical clinic and offer information that is educational and reliable.  The internet allows us to control our messaging, so that our services are depicted in the most accurate way possible.

These are just a few examples of how the internet impacts the work we do here at Caring Network.  If you’re considering how you might be able to support us, perhaps making a financially contributing to our mission is the right avenue for you.  We are always actively reaching more women in DuPage County with the message of hope.  Contact us today for more information on how you can make an impact. 

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