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Tara is a recent college graduate who came to Caring Network scared, anxious, and undecided about what to do about her unplanned pregnancy. Her parents are strict and she does not have a current relationship with them. Her boyfriend and a few close friends were her main sources of support. She knew that it wasn’t a good time in her life to be pregnant and was worried about having the finances needed to raise a child. After confirming her pregnancy, Tara agreed to return for an ultrasound and also to discuss the situation with her boyfriend before making a decision. She was given a resource packet for men to share with her boyfriend. Between appointments, she texted her consultant and thanked her for all the information and support, saying “The resources you shared were really helpful.” She and her boyfriend returned for their scan and announced their choice for life and that they would parent their baby – Praise God!  

Their gratitude belongs to you, “Thank you, you have already been such a help!”

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