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Staci came to Caring Network leaning toward abortion. She had children already; one was an infant. She is married but all of her family support is back in her home country. Staci loves children but didn’t think she would be able to handle another baby. Following a thorough pregnancy consultation, she stated, “Yeah, I can [parent]…I just need more confidence in myself.” Staci scheduled an ultrasound and returned with her husband. After the scan, they were still leaning towards abortion. They were encouraged to take time to process their situation before finalizing their decision. Staci’s pregnancy consultant kept in touch with her and a few days later, Staci revealed that she and her husband chose life – Praise God! She said, “After seeing it [the baby on the ultrasound], it’s early but I, I just can’t [have an abortion].” Staci received additional encouragement and resources for ongoing support throughout her pregnancy. 

Thank you for providing hope and help to Staci and her husband so that they felt confident to choose life for their baby!

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