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Nancy came to Restore as a safe place to feel and grieve her past abortion experience. She was thankful to journey through the process with group members who understood what she was going through and with insightful leaders who she connected with easily. After the study, she shared “I have spent much of the past 38 years trying to ignore the fact that I had an abortion and stuffing any feelings related to it very deep down. In fact, I made myself stop feeling altogether. During the next to the last lesson, I realized I was holding on to a great deal of bitterness, resentment, and unforgiveness…As I worked through this with God, I found a huge measure of release. I finally was able to feel and be real about the abortion experience!…I am very grateful to God and to Restore for the freedom and healing I found during the program. I am hopeful and encouraged I will obtain fuller healing as I continue to process my experience.” 

Thank you for helping Nancy experience the Lord’s hope and healing! 

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